Green Lantern Starts Filming Monday the 15th!

Green Lantern Starts Filming Monday the 15th!

Green Lantern Starts Filming Monday the 15th!

The crew, the cast, and the director are set to initialize the Green Lantern saga on the big screen. Monday they film a bar scene and we have the address! Read on and learn even more!

Thanks to Onlocationvacations for this info. They have pinpointed where GL will begin filming for tomorrow's shoot.

According to the site:

"Tomorrow is the movie’s first official day on location in NOLA and thanks to one of our tipsters, Jason, we know where they will be. Green Lantern will be shooting a bar scene at the Old Point Bar, 545 Patterson Drive, New Orleans during the day."

Whoever is in New Orleans from CBM, please go get yourself a bear with Hal Jordan and take a picture with him.

Also, CBM user P862010 has found out that Abin Sur and a Test pilot buddy of Hal Jordan have been cast. Thank you to P862010 for finding the news and thank you HollywoodReporter for notifying the fans of the growing GL casting.

This from the THR website:

"Kiwi filmmaker-actor Taika Waititi, pictured, and Kiwi actor Temuera Morrison, best known as Jango Fett from the "Star Wars" movies, have joined the cast of Warner Bros. "Green Lantern."

Star Wars invading GL, what a coincidence.

"Waititi plays the best friend of Hal Jordan, the test pilot who comes to wear the super-powered ring of the interplanetary police force known as the Green Lantern Corps."

"Morrison is playing Abin Sur, a member of the Corps who is instrumental in Jordan becoming the superhero."

Seems that the newly cast actors impressed Martin Campbell and Warner Bros.
I can't wait for 2011 and some set pics:)

Additionally, loyal CBM reader "kenny" has sent us this info and pic...

My wife and I heard a rumor that a local bar was closing from the 12th to the 17th for filming of the Green Lantern movie, so today we decided to check it out and they changed all the windows to read "Broome's Bar" in the middle of the window and "Food & spirits" at the bottom. Gonna try to get some pics.

Here are some pictures we took that night. Stopped by today but everything was covered up. Gonna try again later. This is from the "Old Point Bar" which is in Algiers Point, in New Orleans on the west Bank. If i get anymore, i'll send them your way. -- Kenny

Thanks Kenny! And anyone else who is in that locale who will provide insider information. Send it in!
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