Green Lantern Writers And Artists Give Their Thoughts On The Movie Costume

<i>Green Lantern</i> Writers And Artists Give Their Thoughts On The Movie Costume

Green Lantern comic book writers and artists talk about the costume in the upcoming superhero adaptation!

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly debuted a first look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern in his CG costume. Many fans think that the costume looks very good (I think it looks awesome), there were also a lot of negative comments, most of them referring to a weird looking mask.

Now, some of the creators, writers and artists of the Green Lantern comic books give their thoughts on the CG movie costume:

- Patrick Gleason:

"Looks very cool! But I'll reserve my final judgment for when I see it in action up on the screen. I did just see one of the interior shots from the EW issue and Renoylds is wearing the brown bomber jacket. That really made me go, 'Wow, that's Hal Jordan!"

- Ron Marz:

"It looks like a Green Lantern costume, and it seems pretty cool to me. It undeniably says ‘Green Lantern’ to the uniniated, and that’s what matters, rather than which details are different from the version in the comic. I can’t get caught up in the insanity of judging an entire film on one still photo. The important thing is what this costume looks like on the screen, in motion, not what it looks like Photoshopped onto a magazine cover."

- Neal Adams:

"I would love to like the costume, and I suppose I like the effort, but it has seemed to me that the advantage of the originating company to control the property would be followed by a desire and a commitment to keep the character as created. Many hands have worked on this character. It seems awfully disrespectful to all those people to allow an outside designer to undo all that work and effort.

Perhaps it will work out for the best. I certainly hope so. Because I am 100% behind the project. But I will say, had I been in charge, I would have seen to it that it bore a far more real resemblance to the original."

- Beau Smith:

"Every transition from comic book to film has to have a tweak or two. When you are dealing with the creative world, all artists must make their mark. That’s why they are hired. Add to this that the suits/money people will also try and stick their finger in the pie as well. This costume is not that much of a stray from the original comic book version. There is just enough of a change to satisfy the studios that they “updated” the look without offending the core comic book audience.

I think they did very well with the hardest part — the mask. In my opinion, I see nothing that stands out as terrible, causing the villagers to light the torches and head to Hollywood. On my two-year run of writing Guy Gardner, I had the opportunity to write the Hal Jordan character many times. During that time, his costume changed a few time through editorial and the event changes of the time. It looks good and it’s fly."

Martin Campbell is directing the upcoming adaptation and it stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins and Temuera Morrison.

Green Lantern is set to hit theatres on June 17, 2011.

Wolvie09: Well, some of them really like the costume and some think that it should look a little more like the comic book version. Personally, I like the alien look of the costume, and I think it will look great on screen. What are your thoughts?

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