Here's Every Comic Book, Film, And Television Project Geoff Johns Is Working On For Warner Bros. And DC

Here's Every Comic Book, Film, And Television Project Geoff Johns Is Working On For Warner Bros. And DC

Here's Every Comic Book, Film, And Television Project Geoff Johns Is Working On For Warner Bros. And DC

Geoff Johns has stepped down as DC Entertainment's President and CCO in order to take on a more creative role within the company and here we're breaking down all the projects he's going to be working on...

There have been a lot of major shakeups at Warner Bros. since Justice League was released and the studio realised that a different approach to its DC Comics adaptations was required. Now, it appears as if much of that will revolve around Geoff Johns because the former DC Entertainment President has launched a new banner - Mad Ghost Productions - which will see him take on a more creative role.

As well as writing for film, television, and comics, Johns is set to serve as a producer as well and it now appears as if he's going to be the closest thing Warner Bros. will get to having its own Kevin Feige!

Today, we're taking a look at all of the confirmed projects Johns is now working on and delving into both what to expect from them and when they'll debut. So, to check out the list, all you need to do is click on the "View List" button below and then share your thoughts on these in the comments section. 

The Killing Zone

This isn't one single comic book; instead, The Killing Zone is described as a new "pop-up label" within DC Comics which will focus on new and lesser-known characters. No specifics have been revealed but it sounds like this will be a good place for heroes and villains who don't have their own titles to get the spotlight without the pressure of having to sell fresh instalments of a new series on a monthly basis.

Three Jokers

In DC Rebirth, we learned that there are, in fact, three Jokers. It was a mind-boggling revelation and one which left fans with a lot of questions. Does it have something to do with the ever-changing timeline of this world or are three separate Clown Princes of Crime tormenting Batman in tandem?

Well, Geoff Johns will be teaming up with Justice League artist Jason Fabok for this limited series which will finally shed some light on what's going on. Unfortunately, no release date has been announced.



It was Geoff Johns who brought Shazam back to the DC Universe during his Justice League run near the start of The New 52 relaunch and the way he reinvented the character is going to play a huge role in how he'll be portrayed on the big screen next year. Now, it's been confirmed that the writer will pen a new series revolving around the hero later this year, presumably in time for the upcoming movie. 

That's a great way to put the spotlight on Shazam and it's actually about time that a) he gets his own series and b) Johns returns to writing a monthly title. It's been way too long in both respects. 


Batman: Earth One - Volume 3

This one has been rumoured to be in the works for a while now and the fact it's included on Johns' Mad Ghost Productions website confirms that it's still on the way. We don't know when exactly that will be, of course, but seeing as artist Gary Frank is already struggling to keep up with Doomsday Clock's demanding schedule, don't be surprised if we're waiting for this one well into next year. 

Doomsday Clock

This was to be expected but I'm sure many of you will still no doubt be glad to know that Johns will continue writing Doomsday Clock despite now having a greater level of involvement in the worlds of film and television. Given the comic's erratic release schedule, he'll have plenty of time to continue bringing the world of the Watchmen into the DC Universe as we learn where Dr. Manhattan went. 


Titans will premiere on the DC Universe streaming service when it launches later this year and it's clear that Warner Bros. views the series as a huge draw and the centrepiece of this subscription service. 

Johns has been heavily involved with it from the start but he actually wrote the "Doom Patrol" episode which is going to launch a spinoff series for those characters. This isn't actually a surprise because Johns also penned the season two episode of Arrow which introduced a then powerless Barry Allen! 


Doom Patrol

While it's fair to say that none of us would have probably imagined the Doom Patrol getting a series of their own, that's the plan and the show is currently expected to launch in 2019. Johns is going to be closely involved and it's been confirmed to focus on a group consisting of Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Crazy Jane, all of whom are led by modern-day mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder.

It should be interesting seeing this one come together and it's fair to say it has a whole lot of potential!


The Flash

It's been quite some time since Johns wrote an episode of The Flash but The CW series is listed on his new website, so he's clearly going to remain involved even if it's only as a producer. The show's fourth season was a tad underwhelming and it would actually be no bad thing for him to come on board season five to help put the Fastest Man Alive back on track as Barry takes on a brand new foe.

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps is a movie we've all been waiting ages for but despite the odd report here and there of filmmakers like David Goyer and Christoper McQuarrie being attached, we've not heard a single solid thing about the DC Comics adaptation. Well, that all changed yesterday with the news that Johns is writing and producing the movie and that it will be based on the work he's done with the hero.

That probably means we can expect to see different coloured Corps make their big screen debut and the Sinestro Corps War also isn't outside the realm of possibility. Either way, the franchise is clearly in safe hands and it's been confirmed that Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be this movie's leads.


Wonder Woman 2

Geoff Johns co-wrote the Wonder Woman sequel - which is believed to be titled Wonder Woman 1984 - and seeing as he was heavily involved with the first instalment, it's definitely exciting to see him return here as both a writer and producer. Chances are this follow-up will live up to expectations.


With a comedic tone, Shazam! could very well be the most Marvel-like DC movie we've ever seen and that's far from a bad thing. Chances are that it's going to mark a fresh start for the DC Films Universe and it's been confirmed that the movie will be based on Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's comic book work.


A lot of fans are worried that Aquaman will be a little too much like Justice League due to when it was shot but it appears to be in capable hands with James Wan and the fact that Geoff Johns helped write the screenplay is surely good news, especially as he helped reinvent the underwater hero in 2011.

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