How To Make A Better Green Lantern Movie

How To Make A Better Green Lantern Movie

Hit the jump to find out how I would fix/tweak the critically panned Green Lantern movie.

Now Green Lantern is probably one of the most mixed reviewed CBM ever. It pretty much breaks down into two groups: Those who hated it, and those you thought it wasn’t bad (but wouldn’t exactly classify as good). To me, it seemed to have a “Transformers 2” vibe, but with better acting (but that ain't saying much...) In this article, i' list three things what i think a Green Lantern film would need to have in order to be successful.

A Green Lantern movie should have more of this:

And this:

And especially this:

Green Lantern is a SPACE hero. So keep him in SPACE!! And show more Lanterns please. My favorite character was Kilowog. Followed by Sinestro. Followed by Tomar-Re (seriously, Geoffery Rush was perfectly cast as him). I liked seeing the different alien races. MORE OF THAT!!

More Lanterns.
I’ve just mentioned this, but this is a huge point. It’s the Green Lantern Corps. Hey DC, you what corps means: group, squad, platoon. In other words: MORE THAN THREE OR FOUR!!!! Sure you had one scene where you saw the whole legion, but seriously, that’s it ???? Show us how each Lantern use their ring different from each others, how are their constructs different in strength, depending on the user and how creative are they used. I get that Hal was the main focus, but when his friend from Ferris Air, gets more screen time than Kilowog, something is messed up

Better Villains.
I’m gonna keep this quick.

A: Smart evil guys with freakish heads should never, ever, ever be a main villains.

B: Have we learned nothing from FF: Rise Of The Silver Surfer? Giant clouds should never, ever, ever, EVER be villains. They suck, look stupid, and they make no sense what so ever.

I mean seriously....Come on?!?!?!?

So that’s all of my critiques. I’m not extremely familiar with GL, so I couldn’t comment on whether Blake Lively was good as Carol, or if Ryan Reynolds was a good Hal (though I thought he was solid as a character).

What are your thoughts? Agree, disagree? COMMENT! LET ME KNOW! I MUST KNOW! :)

Until next time, EXCELSIOR!
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