Is Green Lantern Moving to Toronto?

Is <i>Green Lantern</i> Moving to Toronto?

After several confusing confirmations hit the net, the question now being asked by ring-slinging fans is whether the production is moving out of New Orleans or whether an old rumor has been refurbished...

A few weeks ago we learned that actor Mark Strong, who is playing the role of Sinestro in the Martin Campbell directed Green Lantern film, will begin filming his scenes in June at the Second Line Stages in New Orleans, Louisiana. Bill Doyle, the film's supervisory location manager, has also stated that Green Lantern is slated to remain in New Orleans until the scheduled conclusion of principal photography in August.

Where does Toronto, Canada fit into this equation? For starters, before production commenced on Green Lantern there were several areas the studio was considering for use. The first being Australia, which fell through because of "the current global economic situation, including fluctuations in currency evaluation and overall costs", the second being Pinewood Toronto Studios in Canada.

Pinewood Toronto Studios boasts of having the largest production facility in North America, including nine sound stages ranging from 10,000 sq ft to 46,000 sq ft. There was no official word from Warner Bros as to why New Orleans was chosen for Green Lantern over Toronto; but all signs pointed to the incredible tax incentives Louisiana currently offers studios.

Since it apparently has been confirmed that Green Lantern has exclusively chosen New Orleans, and areas in it's vicinity, for filming, where do these latest rumors linking the production to Toronto come from?

The first connection comes from actor Dustin Celestine, who landed a role as an extra in the film. Last week, he posted this on this message on his Twitter account:

The second comes from Toronto resident, and avid comic book movie fan, Nicole J. Skalij who has apparently heard a buzz about the film heading to her city:

What do you think, Green Lantern movie fans; has Warner Bros managed to keep a site change secretive for this long or is this just a another bit of 'leaked' misinformation?

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