Is this Parallax from The Green Lantern Movie?

Is this Parallax from The Green Lantern Movie?

Is this Parallax from <em>The Green Lantern</em> Movie?

An image floating around the internets that may be the first look we have of Green Lantern villain Parallax...

Parallax is a fictional comic book supervillain in the DC Comics universe. Created by writer Ron Marz and artist Darryl Banks for Green Lantern (vol. 3) #48 (January 1994), Parallax was devised as the new supervillain identity for former Green Lantern protagonist Hal Jordan.

After further changes for the Hal Jordan character over the subsequent years (sacrificing his life in order to reignite Earth’s Sun in the 1996 crossover storyline Final Night, and Jordan’s soul subsequently became the newest host of the Spectre in the 1999 miniseries Day of Judgment), 2004's Green Lantern: Rebirth once again cast Jordan as a heroic Green Lantern and explained Jordan's villainous career as the result of the influence of an alien parasite. Furthermore, with Parallax’s exposure, the Green Lantern Corps' vulnerability to the yellow color can be conquered if a given Lantern, particularly a well-trained one, can muster his or her willpower to overcome their fear.

Despite this reintroduction of the "yellow impurity", which is now referred to as the Parallax Fear Anomaly, the power rings' weakness against yellow no longer applies, as experienced wielders are now able to consciously recognize its source, and overcome the fear associated with it. It is still, however, a considerable weakness for new GL recruits, who must be taught the impurity's nature and how to combat it. During training, new recruits' rings may falter at times against yellow objects, and/or when a recruit is experiencing panic or fear.

Supposedly, this is a scan taken from a comic book to promote the movie, but is this pic real or not?
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