I finally watched 2011's Green Lantern. Are the reviews right or wrong? (Like i'm gonna change your minds on a movie a year afterward).

I didn’t grow up a huge fan of Green Lantern. I liked Batman and Superman but never was introduced to Green Lantern until the Justice League animated series. Green Lantern became one of my favorite members outside of the big two on the show. When I heard that Green Lantern was going to get the big screen treatment I was excited. I never went to see it in the theaters due to poor reviews I heard about the films. Because of the recent passing of the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan, who voiced Kilowog, I decided to go on HBO on Demand and watch 2011, Green Lantern. This is my review of what I saw.

First off from the beginning and more so throughout the movie I noticed, the CGI looked terrible. For a hero would basically requires CGI you would think they would have some good CGI for GL. The film starts off with a brief history about the main villain, Parallax. Of course the villain who has been imprisoned for many years is brought back to live because of scientists doing something on the planet. We then see our hero Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds) who seems like an irresponsibility fighter pilot who gets a Green Lantern power ring from a dying Lantern and becomes the hero. I didn’t really want to give up most of the story because chances are you have seen the film.

This film had some good scenes I liked. I liked the scene where Abin Sur gives Hal the ring. I also laughed at the scene where Hal is trying to figure out how to power the ring into the lantern by saying the Oath. “To infinity and beyond?” Most of the scenes I liked took place on Oa. I liked when Hal first met Tomar-Re, whose voice was perfect thanks to Geoffrey Rush. My favorite scene in the movie is without a doubt when he first meets Kilowog. Kilowog was my favorite lantern and was voiced great by MCD. I also loved the scene where Hal and Sinestro are training.

There are so many, many things I disliked. I already mentioned my disliked in the CGI. Now story. I feel that the cast was good. I enjoyed all of their performance by the script just sucked. It was so bad. I disliked Hector Hammond as the villain. He didn’t feel like a movie villain. He was just a kid with dad issues and disliked Hal because Hal was the cool kid. I disliked how he became evil. Getting a piece of Parallax on you? The government would most likely just your body to make sure you don’t steal anything because after all he was the first human to do an autopsy. I didn’t like Parallax either. His role was really no different to Galactus in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I also disliked Sinestro’s so called plan. Sinestro thinking it’s a good idea taking his best fighters to fight this threat? It was a stupid ass plan. It really could have been cut off. I wished that we saw more of a Bruce Wayne-Ducard relationship from Hal and Sinestro. We didn’t see any mentor-learner relationship from them. One thing I disliked also was Sinestro at the end putting the yellow ring on. I understand he does it in the comics but it didn’t feel necessary. You won, why put on the yellow ring?

I could go on and on about how much this movie sucked. Does it deserve a sequel? Well Ghost Rider got one. I feel that a sequel would be good. You can easily fix some of the problems that were bad. You would also have Sinestro as a villain, which would be cool. I liked Ryan as Hal. I felt he did good but overall the movie sucked. If this is the Green Lantern in the justice League movie is suggest you do a sequel first to fix Green Lantern so people will be excited and like him.

I give this movie a 2 out of 5

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