Marc Guggenheim Discusses Cut Superman Cameo In Green Lantern!

Marc Guggenheim Discusses Cut Superman Cameo In Green Lantern!

Marc Guggenheim Discusses Cut Superman Cameo In <i>Green Lantern</i>!

The co-writer of the movie discusses potential easter eggs and also explains why the Superman cameo was cut, revealing that Smallville's Tom Welling is more than welcome to come along and film that scene if he has time...

On What He Thinks Of The Actors' Performaces In The Movie:

"Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are so good together it is ridiculous. Peter Sarsgaard is unbelievable. People are going to draw comparisons in his performance to Heath Ledger in 'The Dark Knight.' It is just that good. Mark Strong is ridiculously great. The cast is amazing. The look of the movie is unlike anything you’ve ever seen — and it needs to be. That’s what the concept requires. I think it’s going to be really spectacular."

On Why The Superman Cameo Was Cut From The Script Before Filming:

"Without trying very hard, you could probably find the leaked script on the internet. The Superman cameo is in the leaked script. It survived several drafts. Ultimately, it was cut for budgetary reasons. We took it out in one of our later drafts. After my interview with you, of course. The Clark Kent cameo is still near and dear to my heart. I really wanted it to be in the movie. You never know — it can still happen. If Tom Welling has a free hour or two, you never know."

On Other Easter Eggs And Green Lanter Corps Cameos:

I think there will be plenty of Easter Eggs in the movie on other fronts. I’m a sucker for those. I’m the voice for those. I’m always thinking we can fit in that name or we can fit in that character. I’ll always do that. I can pretty much promise that Ch'p will not be in the movie. Martin’s favorite Lantern, who is in the movie, is Bzzd. The funny thing is, from our very first meeting with Martin, he came onto the project and really knew his stuff. He was able to quote Lanterns and said 'I love Bzzd' from the start. I was like, 'Okay, I guess Bzzd is in the movie.'"

Although he seemingly makes that Tom Welling remark jokingly, could he have let his tongue slip and accidentily revealed that the actor is being considered for the role of the big screen Superman? Probably not, but be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place!

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