Mark Strong Heading to Green Lantern Movie Set

Mark Strong Heading to <i>Green Lantern</i> Movie Set

UPDATE: Though his role in John Carter of Mars hasn't wrapped yet, the villainous actor is taking another break to prep for his role as Sinestro.

Production on Martin Campbell's Green Lantern hasn't slowed down since day one. The majority of the film's main cast, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard and Temuera Morrison, have been spotted filming scenes throughout the New Orleans, LA, area.

A few weeks ago, we learned that veteran comic book movie actor Mark Strong will head to the New Orleans set of Green Lantern this June to begin filming his scenes. Strong has been cast to portray Hal Jordan's Lantern Corps teammate and mentor Sinestro in the comic adaptation.

We also learned Sinestro will indeed have his famous widow’s peak and thin mustache in the film; also, Strong has already been fitted for "special Sinestro contact lenses."

Today, Londan based voice agency Another Tongue, which represents Mark Strong for voice casting, revealed that he will be taking a break from the John Carter set sooner than expected:

"MARK STRONG is heading over to New Orleans this month to do make-up tests for his role in "Green Lantern" as Sinestro."

There has been no word yet from the studio if Strong is the only actor being called down for make-up tests. Temuera Morrison who portrays Abin Sur, the alien predecessor to Hal Jordan, filmed his scene for the movie last month in Madisonville, LA. Hopefully, fans will soon get the information they've been waiting for: final casting decisions for the film's other Lanterns Kilowog, Tomar-Re and Salaak.

UPDATE: In a brief interview with the NY Post, Strong confirmed that Sinestro's costume will be CG as well and his make-up will involve prosthetics.

Regarding his think British accent and whether he would have to mask it for the role, Strong said, "All the Green Lanterns are able to communicate with each other in a common language because of their rings, so it doesn't really matter what accent they use, I talked about it with [director] Martin Campbell, and an English accent suits the character."

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