More New Details On Green Lantern, Lack Of Second Trailer Explained!

More New Details On Green Lantern, Lack Of Second Trailer Explained!

More New Details On <i>Green Lantern</i>, Lack Of Second Trailer Explained!

At the Green Lantern panel at C2E2, a few more details about the movie have been revealed as have some fan concerns about Ryan Reynolds' take on Hal Jordan and the lack of a second trailer...

Thanks to the guys over at Newsarama, we have all the coverage from this years C2E2 Green Lantern panel hosted by Executive Editor Eddie Berganza, Green Lantern artist Doug Mahnke and Green Lantern Corps artist Tyler Kirkham. For a ton of details about the various comic book series, you'll have to head on over to the site by clicking on the link below, but what follows are the main highlights from what the panel had to say about the movie adaptation.

Of his Green Lantern set visit, Reis said, "I was like Alice in Wonderland. I could see the process of the design, and I could see how the comics influenced the movie design."

Kirkham said the ring constructs in the comic are beginning to resemble the ones in the movie.

Fan asks about the Green Lantern movie, specifically the decision, in the fan's mind, to "deviate" from Hal Jordan's personality with one that's more "comical." "He almost seems more like Kyle Rayner to me," the fan said.

Berganza said they're working "very hard on the special effects," which is why there hasn't been a new trailer.

Berganza said if you ask any woman if they're going to see the movie, they will, because of Ryan Reynolds. "And some of the men!" a fan next to me exclaimed.

As far as the movies influencing the comics, Berganza said it's the "other way around."

Berganza listed the Green Lantern movie prequel comics, coming out in May.

Green Lantern is set to be released in 3D on June 17, later this year!

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