New Details On Green Lantern!

New Details On Green Lantern!

A new article has surfaced revealing details on the movies, plot, which characters make it in, and even the details of potential sequels!

WARNING! Possible spoilers abound!

Omelete, a Brazilian entertainment site, has released several new tidbits regarding the specifics of how both the upcoming Green Lantern movie AND a possible Green lantern film trilogy will be panning out! Despite the fact that the site is in Portuguese, translations have revealed the following!

1) The film will be based mainly on "Secret Origins".

2) The CGI of the suit seen on the Entertainment Weekly cover is not finished.

3) The mask was photoshopped in. The real mask will look more physical and not spray-painted on his face.

4) 25 alien Green Lanterns, each with a different energy signature, were designed for major and minor roles in the movie.

5) A key-scene in the third act will feature all the 3.600 Green Lanterns.

6) Parallax's origin is different from the comics.

7) Sinestro's mustache is definitely in. His look was based mainly on Ivan Reis' drawings (currently pencilling Green Lantern vol. 4)

8) Writers have already outlined ideas for the second and the third movie, which include Sinestro's downfall; The Sinestro Corps War; the destruction of Coast City; Hal Jordan becoming Parallax and etc.

9) One of the main alien Green Lanterns is a completelly original character and his design was created by Ivan Reis.

Wow! Lots of interesting things we got here! What do YOU guys make of them?
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