New Green Lantern Shooting Location and Set Pics

New Green Lantern Shooting Location and Set Pics

New <i>Green Lantern</i> Shooting Location and Set Pics

Even though the set has since been locked down by the studio, a few onlookers were able to snag some pics and details.

As we all know by now, the Green Lantern cast and crew are currently shooting scenes around the city of New Orleans, LA. The first set pictures to debut were of a bar scene where ring toting Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan was paling around with the crew and an who could possibly be playing John Stewart. The production has since moved onto a parking lot set with an enormous crane set up for a little stunt work.

As I've been told, the scene they are currently shooting revolves around an altercation between Hal Jordan and a group of bar patrons. Hal was out to dinner with Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) when he goes outside and is assaulted by several men. The skirmish activates his ring which knocks one of the assailants into a parked car with a giant fist construct (hence the stunt crane).

One lucky visitor even got the chance to have Ryan sign his Green Lantern comic while he was on the set. He has stated that, though he couldn't get a close picture of it, Ryan was sporting his GL ring during the shoot:

After the first slew of pictures hit the net, the studio and local law enforcement have been running extra security to avoid any more amateur photography. Last night, the set was closed off from several blocks away in each direction and crew members were seen holding up tarps to obstruct the view.

Here's the pinpointed shooting location (for those of you familiar with the area) courtesy of OnLocationVacations:

The crew will be using this set, located on the 600 blocks of Tchoupitoulas St. and Commerce St. (between Lafayette St Girod St), sometime tonight after 7 pm EST.

Many thanks to Tommy and Renee for the pics and info!
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