New Orleans Confirmed for Green Lantern

New Orleans Confirmed for Green Lantern

New Orleans Confirmed for <em>Green Lantern</em>

The man set to direct the epic space adventure gives insight on the project's principal photography location.

Warner Brothers recently confirmed that production on "Green Lantern" would not take place in Australia for economic reasons. So where will the Earth based scenes be filmed?

In an interview with The Geek Files, Martin Campbell confirms the rumor that he will film in New Orleans.

He goes on to admit: "It's a very interesting city...with a damn good tax rate.”

For those that fear an Earth-based film, don't fret. "He's the only superhero to my knowledge who regularly goes to another planet." Campbell says. "Superman and Batman were essentially locked into a particular city. The Lantern isn't so Earthbound."

He recently discussed the enormous important of CGI to bring the Green Lantern's story to life. He also discussed the significance of certain aspects of the mythology, for instance, the ring: "It's energized by a battery on the planet of Oa, which taps into the willpower of everyone in the universe…From that ring you can form constructs. So if you got into a fight, you could form a giant fist. Or a fighter plane."

Shooting on "Green Lantern" is scheduled to start in New Orleans, Louisiana in April, 2010 in anticipation of a June 2011 release date. Actor Ryan Reynolds is set to play the lead role.

Information courtesy of The Examiner

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