Ryan Reynolds Tired of Training

Ryan Reynolds Tired of Training

Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds was told "to bulk up his physique" for film

Ryan Reynolds tired of training
By Cover Media on 14/06/2011

Ryan Reynolds couldn’t understand why he had to work out before starring in Green Lantern – because his muscle-bound outfit was added in afterwards.
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The actor plays Hal Jordan in the film, a test pilot for the US Air Force who becomes the first earthman to be inducted into the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps. He had to wear a motion capture suit during shooting, so begged movie bosses to let him reduce his gruelling workout schedule and suggested using CGI to bulk up his physique later.

“In the concept for the film, my character is wearing a suit of energy – a construct of his mind. If I was going to wear something like that practically it would probably chafe and burn,” he explained during an interview for British television show Daybreak. “I said to them, ‘Do I really need to be spending two or three hours in a gym every day if you are just adding this costume later?’ But they said, ‘You got to look like the same guy as in the other scenes.’”

The 34-year-old star – who was named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine last year – has hordes of adoring fans all over the world. It has been claimed some over-zealous female admirers have been getting carried away while watching Green Lantern in 3D and kept trying to reach out and touch Ryan’s fine physique during certain scenes.

“Yes that underwear scene is right up in your grill,” he laughed when asked how he felt about stripping off for one sequence in the movie.

When told about females trying to touch his body while watching his latest movie in 3D, Ryan looked surprised and joked, “They were reaching, reaching for me? Oh yeah, that would make a real tough sexual harassment case.
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