Sinestro - Mark Strong Image

Sinestro - Mark Strong Image

Sinestro - Mark Strong Image

Lots of 'concept art' flying around right now, including that weird Travolta-Sinestro thing. So here's what Mark Strong might look like as a proper old school Sinestro.

Sinestro - Mark Strong

So there he is - a proper pink version of Mark Strong in the original old-school costume. OK, so in the movie Sinestro HAS to be introduced as a good guy and might not even go bad until a sequel (please, let there be a sequel!). So he should probably be wearing the green and black Corps costume, but hey.

Incidentally, the film makers have a couple of serious problems with Sinestro.

1) Characters with goatee beards or moustaches are ALWAYS wrong-uns.

2) He's called 'Sinestro'.

It'll be interesting to see how they handle the good-guy, bad-guy thing.
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