Stuntman Injured While Filming Action Sequence for Green Lantern

Stuntman Injured While Filming Action Sequence for Green Lantern

Stuntman Injured While Filming Action Sequence for <i>Green Lantern</i>

One of Hollywood's favorite stuntmen, Jeff Wolfe, talks about working on Green Lantern and mentions an injury he sustained while on the set.

Even taking into account the heavy CGI element of Warner Bros. superhero film, Green Lantern, it's fairly obvious that many practical stunts will be used for the action-oriented film. We've even seen several of the large cranes and harnesses that were on the movie set in New Orleans, LA, during the first few days of filming. If you're familiar with the behind-the-scenes work of action films, you already know that accidents and injuries are bound to happen.

Advanced Dark managed to catch up with one of the busiest stuntmen in Hollywood, Jeff Wolfe, back in March. They discussed his roles in several upcoming films, including his visit to the Thor movie set. The other day Wolfe mentioned an injury he sustained while working on Green Lantern. No big deal for Wolfe, apparently, since he's still hard at work.

"Ok Ed... here's the update! Little action sequence last week.. Dislocated left shoulder..Big scene..looks awesome.. all good right? Wrong.. had to do another action sequence 12 hours after they popped it back in and a dialogue scene after!

Ever try punching with a recently dislocated shoulder?..not fun! Truly a glamorous biz right? All good now. No permanent damage, just one hell of a bruised arm!"

Though I'm sure none of us would wish injury on anyone in that dangerous line of work, it's good to see the amount of dedication the Green Lantern crew are putting into making this film a success.

Here is an excerpt from the original interview, in which Wolfe talks about how he landed the gig on Green Lantern:

Jeff Wolfe: I was filming a part on NCIS a month ago when I got the call to go in and read for Green Lantern. It was a great part, so I went in, did the read, and did my best to forget about it! Two days later on the set of NCIS, I got the call! As far as Stuntwork on the show I can say I have a bit of a scuffle in the film, and when I say bit of, I mean...OUCH! I am doing my own action.. I know most actors say that, but I get to say it and mean it!!

Advanced Dark: You have started filming right?

Jeff Wolfe: Yep! Started shooting last Monday... exciting!

Advanced Dark: Is there anything else you can say at all about the film, or to the fans without getting yourself in trouble?

Jeff Wolfe: Only that, from what I've seen Ryan is the PERFECT choice to play GL. And it's great to see that he is a great guy off camera. He's one of the few who deserves to be where he's at.

Interview courtesy of IESB; Image courtesy of Marvel Movies

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