The Green Lantern Soundtrack VS 10 Epic Movie Soundtracks

The Green Lantern Soundtrack VS 10 Epic Movie Soundtracks

The Green Lantern Soundtrack VS 10 Epic Movie Soundtracks


Like many others I saw The Green Lantern on opening night.It had its ups and downs. I have read what many have said about what they liked or disliked about the movie. But for me i think what could have given the green Lantern a push in the right direction would have been a Epic Soundtrack. When you think of Epic movies, it always has a beautiful score.

Here are ten (not top ten. before there is a mob coming for my head for leaving out there favorite movie score)Epic Movie scores that totally made the movies come alive. And lets judge how they compare to the Green Lantern soundtrack.

Even though very short, this is one of the best Batman scores ever

Star Wars Episode 1 had its flaws. But this John Williams Score mixed with Jedi and a Sith lord was EPIC!!

This movie shocked many. The mix of the 60s feel, strings, and guitar made X-men First Class amazing!!! Oh and Magneto.

The Incredible Hulk is one of the best Marvel movies so far. This strong full score made Hulk bigger than life.

This may not be a comic book movie but The Gladiator soundtrack is the definition of the word EPIC!

If The Hobbit soundtrack is anything like The Lord Of The Rings, we are in store for a score that pulls at every human emotion.

Last of the Mohicans? What can i say? EPIC!!!!

The Matrix is Epic on so many levels and one is it's score!

Possibly the best comic book movie of all time, The Dark Knight.....

Chris R. made us believe a man could fly... John Williams made us never forget.

So how does The Green Lantern soundtrack measure up to these 10 movie scores? Judge for yourself. MUSICAL SPOILER ALERT
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