What Should The Fate of The Next Green Lantern Movie Be?

What Should The Fate of The Next Green Lantern Movie Be?

Here is my idea for what to do for Green Lantern after the disappointment of his film debut in 2011 and why it shouldn't be a reboot.

For the past years I’ve seen and read many articles about Green Lantern. Most negative, some of what they should do next but there’s one thing I didn’t hear that I noticed in the film. At the end of the film, we see Hal talk to Carol. It’s seems as though Hal will be gone for a while. I never heard anyone mentioned that. That is a big thing. That could open up a world of possibilities. In my review I gave Green Lantern 2/5 stars but said it deserves a sequel. I mean if Ghost Rider got one, why can’t Green Lantern? Was Green Lantern bad? Yes, but if you simply fix the mistakes of what people said was wrong, then you could have another superhero box office hit. I got two ideas of what to do with a Green Lantern movie instead of rebooting.

Have Hal Defend A Sector In Space Outside of Earth

At the end of Green Lantern, Hal stated that he had to go away for a while. So maybe the Guardians made him a protector of a section that is not Earth. The best parts of Green Lantern took place outside of Earth. It would be a cool idea with the right visionary director.

Introduce A New Human Lantern

Let’s say you don’t want to see Hal as the Green Lantern? That’s fine. You don’t have to reboot. You could just as easily say Hal is the protector of a section far away from Earth and introduce a new human Lantern. If it was up to me, I would say introduce John Stewart. But for a deeper story purpose, I think having Simon Baz could be a great choice for many reasons. Here in America, ever since 9-11, most Americans look at people with Middle East decent differently. People assume every person who is Middle Eastern is a terrorist. Baz comes from a Lebanese American and Muslim decent. In the #0 comic, it shows how ever since the attack on 9-11, Baz was made fun of and treated like crap just because of his decent. I think if we put the shoe on the other foot. See the emotion and see what happens to someone of Middle Eastern decent it would be deep and would show to not judge a book by their cover. Those are my top 2 picks.

That is my ideas. If I had to pick, I would do Simon Baz. Think it would be very cool. I still want Sinestro as the main villain. What are some of your thoughts and feelings about this?
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