Who is Nick Jones?

Who is Nick Jones?

Who is Nick Jones?

Exclusive Set Photo Update! And why is he in New Orleans on the set of Green Lantern? Follow the jump to see what I've found...

It is time, yet again, for some good old ComicBookMovie.com investigative work; or as I call it, Operation: Speculation. Let’s get the facts straight first:

- Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern began principal photography yesterday at a bar in New Orleans. Thanks to our own CBM scooper Kenny, we’ve seen the first set pictures of Ryan Reynolds /Hal Jordan possibly wearing his Green Lantern ring.

- There are only two bars referenced in Hal Jordan’s origin stories. One, in Emerald Dawn, shows Ferris Aircraft employee Hal sitting with coworkers having a few drinks. The second (and most recent), in Secret Origins, shows Air Force pilot Hal having a confrontation with a Marine by the name of John Stewart.

Now, on to the fun part. Nick Jones is a former Marine who is currently an actor and model. He has a yet to be disclosed role in the Green Lantern film. I’ve followed him on Twitter over the past few days, but only today made contact with him. Here are the relevant tweets for your viewing pleasure (read it bottom to top for chronological order):

And here is the picture Nick tweeted of himself on set with Ryan Reynolds:

Can you see where I’m heading with this yet? Maybe I can make the association a bit clearer. . .

My educated guess is that Nick Jones' small role in Green Lantern is the Jon Stewart cameo fans have asked for.

John Stewart, an architect and Marine before joining the Green Lantern Corps, has been a fan favorite Lantern for many years and has been featured in several DC animated cartoons.

I now pose the question to you all; could Nick Jones be our feature film John Stewart? And if so, do you see Stewart having a larger role in the Green Lantern sequel? You know the drill, Confirm or Debunk below!

Exclusive Update! New set photos of Green Lantern featuring Ryan Reynolds and possible John Stewart Nick Jones:

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