Did Marvel Leave Rocket Raccon's Creator Out In The Cold?

Did Marvel Leave Rocket Raccon's Creator Out In The Cold?

The man tasked with bringing Rocket Raccoon to the big screen, Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn, took to Facebook to dispel rumors about Bill Mantlo's relationship with Marvel. Find out what he had to say after the jump.

In a post to his Facebook account last night, James Gunn passed along information regarding Bill Mantlo, creator of Rocket Raccoon.

In the post, Gunn declared his affinity for Mantlo's work:

I am an enormous fan of Bill's work -- his run on Micronauts and Rom were two of the reasons I fell in love with comics as a child -- and I'm honored and blessed to be making a Guardians of the Galaxy movie featuring his creation."

At his most prolific, Matlo's work would appear in as many as eight different Marvel titles a month, and his total output exceeded 500 issues. He was also a trial lawyer, until a tragic accident cut both careers short.

After receiving some concerned messages in regard to Mantlo, including indignation about his medical condition and the perception that Marvel may have given him a raw deal, Gunn shared an insightful Facebook post from Mantlo's brother Mike:

Marvel has compensated, is compensating, and will continue to compensate Bill well into the future for anything that he's entitled to compensation for. Please don't spread false or malicious rumors, gang. Bill's relationship with Marvel is EXCELLENT, and I wish for it to continue to be so. And all the false or exaggerated 'facts' being tossed around about his accident (he was NOT in a coma for 'years', and the family was NOT put into financial ruin or destitution, among other WRONG 'facts'). Yes, Bill was the victim of a horrible and tragic accident. Blowing everything out of proportion does no one any good. You guys (ALL OF YOU) have been a Godsend to Bill for these past 22 years by keeping his name & reputation alive, and by continuing to champion my cause of helping him improve his quality of life in whatever way I can, and I thank you ALL sincerely for that. Please, let's try some positive energy for the future, so that BILL MANTLO WILL RULE FOREVER!

It would appear, then, that any animosity toward Marvel is unfounded.

Gunn concluded with the following:

I am and will always be a fan and supporter of Bill Mantlo.

More information about Bill Mantlo's medical and financial trails: http://www.lifehealthpro.com/2011/11/07/tragic-tale

How you can help Bill Mantlo: http://gregpak.com/love-rocket-raccoon-please-consider-donating-to-writer-bill-mantlos-ongoing-care/
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