Eddie Redmayne Discusses His GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY And SPIDER-MAN Screen Tests

Eddie Redmayne Discusses His GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY And SPIDER-MAN Screen Tests

Discussing his role in Tom Hooper's Les Miserables, British actor Eddie Redmayne comments briefly on the recent news that he was being screen tested for the roles of 'Star-Lord' and 'Harry Osborn', and shares his thoughts on the comic book movie genre in general.

Talking to Collider to promote the release of Les Miserables, Eddie Redmayne was quizzed about the rumours that he was asked to screen test for the roles of 'Star-Lord' in Guardians of the Galaxy and 'Harry Osborn' in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Frustratingly, as is so often the case, the actor avoids going into too much detail, but we do of course now know that Redmayne wasn't chosen to play 'Harry Osborn' (that role instead went to Chronicle's Dane DeHaan).

"I’ll tell you what’s interesting about it, is first it’s very flattering, but I don’t know it’s a bit like someone said in this interview earlier, "Did you know all the people you were auditioning against?" And I’m one of those people, I just quite like to keep my head down and put one foot in front of the other because I get affected by noise and the feeling of it. So I try not to look into that. And sometimes it’s true and sometime it’s not. It’s very flattering and I feel very privileged for the moments that are true, but I try not to look at it."

As for how he feels about the comic book movie genre, Redmayne revealed that he is fact a big fan and enjoyed each of this year's major releases.

"I go and see those films and the ones are good I absolutely love, and the ones that aren’t I don’t so much. But having seen things like Andrew and Emma’s performance in Spider-Man, you know it’s often that the scale of the pieces can make an audience think that there’s so much going on that you sort of forget that there are brilliant things being done by the actors in the middle of it. And same thing with The Avengers. And so you do go in from an actor’s point of view scrutinizing that. And I think through The Dark Knight Rises and all these other films there’s is a weightiness that is being given to these pieces now that, for me, is so much more extraordinary than when they felt more light."

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