EDITORIAL: Why The Concept Of Rocket Raccoon Is Perfect For Film

EDITORIAL: Why The Concept Of Rocket Raccoon Is Perfect For Film

CBM User JackyLegacy explains why Marvel's Rocket Raccoon is an awesome character and how he would work in the their Phase Two film, Guardians of The Galaxy. Continue on for his explanation and then voice your opinion in the comments.

Hello Everyone,

One Marvel film I can not wait for is Guardians of The Galaxy. One in character in mind I am really excited for will be Rocket Raccoon. Now Marvel has never done anything like this, well unless you want to count Howard The Duck but I can say ROCKET RACCOON IS GOING TO BE AWESOME and different at the same time!

An awesome talking space raccoon with a gun. It may seem far fetched to many people but to me it isn't. For once I have to say, it's called science fiction and anything can happen in a world like this. Compare Guardians of The Galaxy as a more superhero orientated version of Star Wars. They both have similar elements.

One thing that Rocket Raccoon could really benefit from is a motion capture style of acting. Similar to Andy Serkis in Rise of The Planet of The Apes how he fully captured the emotions of the ape character. It could really make the character seem so real and in tune with the audience apposed to just a simple CGI creation. It brings in such a raw performance, not many people may notice but for the ones that do it's really a treat to see such an advancement of technology on the big screen.

(Andy Serkis)

(Even Mark Ruffalo's Hulk was Motion Capture)

If done right and not rushed through he may be one of Marvel's best onscreen adaptions. It just goes to show how such an advanced in technology could of use in films like these. Compared to the old films of puppetry and CGI animations. The Ewoks in Star Wars were actual people in costumes which is hard to believe today. Rocket Raccoon could actually turn out to be a really fun likable character. Looking from the concept art Marvel has a brilliant idea in store for this character. I can't wait to see more from him.

I think it would be greatly done via both motion capture and someone else doing the voice. The top actor I would choose to voice Rocket Raccoon would be Hugh Jackman. I don't think Rocket Raccoon needs an extremely comedic tone like Jim Carrey. He needs to be really serious. I think most of the seriousness from Rocket Raccoon and some of his lines is where most of the real tone converts too on how people perceive who he is. I think Hugh Jackman has the voice that will perfectly blend in with Rocket Raccoon. Despite him also playing The Wolverine another comic book character it would not affect anything at all. If your not convinced of the choice yet watch this movie clip from "Rise of the Guardians". Hugh Jackman actually does the voice for The Easter Bunny in the film. I think it actually represents what I see as a voice for Rocket Raccoon.

Well what do you think, please comment below! Thank you for reading everyone, stay sane!
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