GOTG Guide For NOOBS! Series: Character Bio - Gamora

GOTG Guide For NOOBS! Series: Character Bio - Gamora

GOTG Guide For NOOBS! Series: Character Bio - Gamora

This is a supplemental article to the "GOTG Guide For Noobs". In this installment we focus on Gamora, her origins, and her eventual addition to the Guardians. Read on for more details on this amazingly powerful character and her cosmic team

Gamora, The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe

Powers: Aside from gaining cybernetic enhancements she has no actual powers, yet has received Thanos specific treatments to enhance her beyond peak physical condition. Cybernetic enahncements: extreme speed, agility, superhuman strength, and durability.
Abilities: One of the most capable martial artists in the Marvel Universe, she was trained in multiple arts from various planets by Thanos himself. Is Capable of destroying near godlike entities with her skills and weapons, can take out small armies (single handed) in moments. Accelerated healing facor
Occupation: Assassin
Weapons: Knives and swords, a deep knowledge of a wide array of weapons, specifically "Godslayer"


Gamora first appeared in Stange Tales #180 in 1975 and she appeared in issue #181 as well. Later making a recurring appearance in Warlock Volume 1 #9-15. What is important to note, aside from appearing in other comics alongside the Avengers and Silver Surfer; she appears throughout the "Infinity" series of comics, showcasing Thanos in most; Infinity Gauntlet, Warlock and the Infinity Watch, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade, and Infinity Abyss.

Gamora has major roles through the reading list i've pointed out in the GOTG Guide, most notably throughout Annihilation and Annihilation Conquest. At one point having affiliation with the Phalanx via infection.

Why is this character important to the MCU

Gamora has a variety of depth to her character. Originally being "Adopted" by Thanos, she was the last of her homeworld, Zen-Whoberi. Trained in a number of combat forms, she earned a reputation as "the most dangerous woman in the universe".

Her homeworld was destroyed by the Universal Church of Truth; however, this is what occurred in her original timeline. Which she changed later on with help from Thanos. The alteration causing the future history of her worlds destruction by the Badoon.

There was an incident where she disobeyed Thanos, as a result, she was outnumbered as a teenager and consequently beaten near death; including being gang raped. Thanos arrived shortly after and killed all of her assailants; as part of her revival, Thanos endowed her with a variety of cybernetic enhancements that greatly increased her abilities.

There are a variety of wild story-arcs that Gamora is a part of. In one of these story arcs, she's sucked into the "Soulworld", which is inside of the Infinity Gem for Soul, held in possession by Adam Warlock.

Aside from the bulk of the Infinity Series, where she also gains the Infinity Gem of Time, as part of the Infinity Watch. Gamora has heavy story arcs beginning in Annihilation with Annihilation: Ronan #1 which is listed in the GOTG Guide.

Where can we find some of her other appearances…

Gamora has romantic interludes with Adam Warlock, but mostly with Nova, on a recurring basis. Many of her appearances have her being saved stubbornly by Nova, much to her bewilderment. She has additional appearances in Nova Volume 4 #4-12, and also appears with Drax in Avengers Assemble #4-8. She'll have appearances in the Thanos Imperative which followed the Vol. 2 #1-25 of Guardians, and she is a mainstay in the new Vol. 3 series of Guardians; all of these are listed in the guide.

I'm quite curious how this character will play out, how she will be displayed; in the comics she oozes extreme amounts of sexual energy, and I'm curious if this will be touched upon, or if the studio will keep her "clothing on" and more deadly serious with her tasks. What do you guys think?

If it hasn't been clear with all of these guides...go read the comics!!!

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