GOTG Guide For NOOBS! Series: Character Bio - Star-Lord

GOTG Guide For NOOBS! Series: Character Bio - Star-Lord

This is a supplemental article to the "GOTG Guide For Noobs". In this installment we focus on Star-Lord, his origins, and his eventual start-up of the Guardians. Read on for more details on this interestingly Human aspect to the this cosmic team.

Star-Lord, Starlord, Peter Jason Quill

Abilities: Master Strategist, instant access memory (augmented chip in brain), psychically linked to his ship, vast knowledge of many alien races, and specific knowledge of certain cosmic beings; like Oblivion.
Occupation: Adventurer, Interplanetary Policeman
Powers: Superhuman strength, durability, can function in space all Gained from Augmentations through his Kree Battlesuit
Weapons: Element Gun, Kree Augmented Heat Insulated Battlesuit, Kree Helmet, Kree SubMachine guns. "Ship", "She" is arguably his greatest weapon.

"Ship", also known as Aurora, is a sentient consciousness and able to alter her form, and focuses much of her various forms as a space craft, simply named "ship". She has a personality and is able to provide for Star-Lord with a variety of technologies. From replicators, shields, drones, weapons, etc. Ship has been destroyed before, but is able to resume into consciousness and return to resume an assumed form. She has even replicated physical bodies and assumed control of them. She was originally the consciousness of a star that was destroyed.

Star-Lord, Peter Quill, has interesting beginnings on earth. conceived from an affair, his father spurned him for having no resemblance, and died of a heart attack as he tried to kill Peter when he was a new born infant. His mother raised Peter until he was 11, when she was killed by a couple of aliens that were originally trying to eradicate any heirs to a galactic empire from a planet called Spartax. Peter got away by killing the two aliens with a shotgun, and finding a strange alien device in his home. He grew up in orphanages until escaping; growing up to eventually become a pilot for NASA. Here is where this gets a bit odd, if it hasn't already been odd as much as it has been ephemeral.

At some point on a mission to a space station he encounters an alien being that was going to bestow upon him the Star-Lord title and "mantle" expressing to him that this is an honored position of a law keeper in the galaxy. The being, known as the Master of the Sun, actually asked for a volunteer and didn't directly offer this position.

However, due to random behaviors Peter had toward his comrades on the station he was passed up, and consequently sent back home. Until he steals a scout craft and returns to the station (essentially) to steal back the title of Star-Lord...

I know it's odd, but this is pretty much how he got his start. He gains his ship at this point as well, and he goes on functioning as Star-Lord.

The character made his first appearance in the comics in 1980 in Marvel Spotlight Volume 2 #6, entitled (on) Star-Lord, but his first appearance ever is actually in the Marvel Preview #4 Magazine. His original intentions were abandoned for the human-alien hybrid origin he gained.

Star-Lord's alien bloodline was revealed in Inhumans Volume 3 #1 stating Jason of Spartax (J'son) was his father, who was the son of the galactic emperor. Jason, himself, was previously a Star-Lord.

At some point after gaining "Ship" and becoming Star-Lord he encounters the Fallen One, who was an annoyingly cruel and deviant herald of Galactus that becomes much more important in this story later on. But the ensuing battle almost killed Peter, destroyed (seemingly) his Ship, and caused them to both be imprisoned by the Kree.

This aspect of Star-Lord's nearly killed and wounded character immediately continues in this fashion in this prison, "The Kyln" and we meet up with him once again in the very first set of comics I listed in the GOTG Guide for NOOBS!, in the first set of Thanos' Comic series, The Samaritan, beginning the Annihilation series.

Here though, Star-Lord has a variety of cybernetic implants that he's gained as a medical remedy to the many wounds he suffered that nearly killed him. For the duration of having these enhancements his vision was greatly improved. Eventually after escaping the Kyln, with help from Nova, following the events Thanos sets in motion, Star-Lord gains his armor, and currently recognized signature helmet and weapons from the Kree; who eventually remove his cybernetic enhancements.

During the events of the Annihilation, Star-Lord aided in the war effort against Annihilus, who led the Annihilation Wave, during which Peter advised the Kree General Ronan the Accuser. All leading into the events of Annihilation: Conquest until they were able to defeat the Ultron led Phalanx.

There are quite a few jumps...Yes, but ultimately as a result of these issues with the Annihilation Wave and then the Phalanx, Peter moved forward to create the Guardians of the Galaxy. However he did so by psychically gaining help; asking Mantis to use her abilities to suggest to the members Peter was after to remain and continue their work in the group.

The base of their operations became the Knowhere, which is a massive celestial head in space...A cosmic Mos Eisley if you will, at the edge of the galaxy.

Star-Lord's beginnings are pretty much encompassed with a variety of quirky comic jumps from a set of concepts that were abandoned and mired in legal issues; eventually rising to the human-alien hybrid character he is today. Thankfully arriving in modern times as the leader of an amazing group of beings, later to be dubbed the Guardians of the Galaxy. The bulk of his story is told within the pages of the comics contained inside the GOTG Guide, and through his own comic, Annihilation Conquest: Star-Lord #1-4 (also listed in the GOTG guide) that helps introduce him into the 2nd volume of GOTG comics; although later cancelled at issue #25, as the Thanos Imperative begins to take shape. You can still follow his exploits with the GOTG in Volume 3 that started it's run this year.

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