GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Working Title Revealed

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Working Title Revealed

As director James Gunn begins the Guardians of the Galaxy "pre-shoot" today in the U.K., the production company and movie title ruse have been revealed for the 2014 cosmic extravaganza.

With Iron Man 3 now the fifth top-grossing film of all time, Thor: The Dark World readying a new marketing campaign and filming for Captain America: The Winter Soldier nearing completion, the only non-sequel in Marvel Studios' Phase Two is about to start rolling: Guardians of the Galaxy.

As the uniquely diverse ensemble cast of Guardians of the Galaxy filled out over the past few months, production has set up at Shepperton, Pinewood and Longcross Film Studios in England. Director James Gunn posted via Facebook yesterday that "pre-shooting" starts today, even though principal photography on the space epic adventure doesn't start until next week, reportedly. Anyhow, it seems the film is being developed in a typical Marvel fashion; following past title ruse efforts, Group Hug, Caged Heat, Thursday Mourning and Freezerburn, Marvel lists Full Tilt as the working title for Guardians of the Galaxy. According to several U.K. occupation profiles, the forthcoming adaptation is also using "Infinity Works Productions UK Limited" as its production company, similar to how Thor: The Dark World used "Asgard Productions UK II Limited" last year.

Meanwhile, James Gunn confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy will be post-converted to 3D, which isn't surprising. The director was also asked whether he's annoyed by his increased popularity thanks to the Marvel gig. "Not at all. I'm grateful for it! People don't understand I am a HUGE MARVEL GEEK," Gunn confessed. "I love Marvel comics and have read them since I was four years old. I have never stopped. I have read at least one comic almost every day of my life!"

He continued, "I feel a part of the Marvel universe and its characters. I feel lucky to be entrusted with helping to create a whole new section of the Marvel cinematic universe - not just one planet or society but MANY. There is no part of me that doesn't appreciate people's excitement for the possibilities Guardians represent - there is no one more excited than I am. I could go on and on and on... Shooting is just a few weeks out and I'm more pumped than ever." James Gunn also said that he was a Guardians fans "for many years" before he was approached to direct. What do you think?

Starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker, Ophelia Lovibond, John C. Reilly, Enzo Cilenti, Lee Pace, Karen Gillan and Glenn Close with Benicio Del Toro, Guardians of the Galaxy is written & directed by James Gunn, and is set to be released in theaters on August 1, 2014.
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