How Vin Diesel Could Be Thanos In Guardians Of The Galaxy

How Vin Diesel Could Be Thanos In Guardians Of The Galaxy

I offer my explaination of why I think the Riddick actor will be playing the Mad Titan in Marvel's cinematic universe.

CBM has been going ablaze with speculation of who Vin Diesel could be cast as in the upcoming slate of Marvel films. Some people say he could be Rocket Raccoon or Groot. The most popular choice is Vision due to his interest in the character. My personal choice is Thanos and here's why...

1. THE VOICE: He has the deep menacing voice that would suit Thanos' personality very well. He is no stranger to voice work, having voiced the towering Iron Giant.

2. THE LOOK: Vin looks the part. With a few prosthetics I don't see the difficulty of turning this man into Thanos. Also, he is quite obviously in extremely good shape and pretty ideal to play someone with tremendous power.

3. ACTING STYLE: People tend to comment on how bad his acting is but I believe that Vin tends to shine in roles that show him to be a cold, stoic badass.

4. TIMING: The most vivid reason for Vin Diesel playing Thanos is that pre-production for Guardians of the Galaxy had begun not too long ago. And that he was approached by Marvel in the midst of it. I'm aware that Thanos is NOT a confirmed villain for Phase II and will be held off as a main villain until Phase III, but that doesn't mean a short cameo is out of the question. He could just be the man behind the scenes until the third Avengers film.

The reveal of Thanos in the end credits of The Avengers was Marvel's way of revealing their end game; that Thanos was and will be the main villain of the forseeable future of the MCU. Would it be so bad for him to be played by someone with name recognition?

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