Hello CBM’ers kinghulk here again to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, how it might impact the MCU going forward and expectations for the show sown with Thanos. POTENTIAL SPOILERS

Hello CBM’ers kinghulk here again to talk about guardians of the galaxy, how it might impact the MCU going forward and expectations for the show sown with Thanos. POTENCIAL SPOILERS
Well I think I’ll start off with saying how much fun guardians of the galaxy was in fact ive got come and get your love stuck in my head. I personally loved the movie but it makes me wonder what Marvel are up too we have seen 3 infinity stones now and now all 3 seem further away from thanos’s grasp than before. So one of them is now on asgard when it was previously on earth, the aether is now in the collectors museum (should be easier to get than the tesseract) and now the power gem which was previously on Morag is now in the position of the Nova Corps. Just the fact that thanos has so far not got a single gem makes me think that marvel are playing this out for longer than I thought they would.

So that’s 3 gems down and 3 more to be introduced (quick note I don’t think loki’s sceptre is the mind gem). We all know what will eventually happen Thanos will eventually get his hands on one and when he does there will be chaos. I feel from now on the cosmic side of marvel needs to take centre stage in the form of a guardian’s sequel, Thor 3 and potential films such as the Inhumans, nova or Ms/Captain marvel.  I personally want to see a huge infinity style crisis that unfolds gradually throughout these different films until we get the show down between the avengers and Thanos. I think this chaos will begin with Thanos getting a hold of 1 of the remaining gems/stones.

I would like Thanos obtain 1 stone in a film which basically sets off a chain of events that will eventually lead to Thanos vs the galaxy. With someone as dangerous as Thanos possessing an infinity stone a galactic council could be formed to address the threat and show unity while some empires/planets fearing for their existence could join Thanos like the badoon or the skrulls. I imagine the black order battling the guardians on a remote planet for possession of another infinity stone with the guardians slowly gaining the upper hand until Thanos shows up. I’d like to see large infinity style battles in space against Thanos’s forces with thanos eventually showing up in asgard in a similar manner to how he showed up in Attilian (or he could show up on Attilian).

My main point is that when this starts I want to see a star wars level galactic war that spans multiple films such as guardians 2/3, inhumans/captain marvel/nova and avengers infinity part 1 and 2. It would start off with just focusing on the guardians but then everything would start to mesh together with captain marvel or nova joining the guardians to help. I also belive it would be very enteratining to see the guardians battle the black order. Then perhaps the Inhumans could be dragged into the war due to possessing an infinity stone. Perhaps during a battle above earth the Inhumans could use a terrigen bomb which would have considerable consequences in the future for the MCU. Eventually the avengers would get involved, perhaps iron man would go to investigate and then inform the avengers what is going on and they help knowing the earth is also at risk.

slaughters billions in an effort to gain the infinity stones. Each individual film could have infinity as a subtitle or for example infinity saga or infinity watch, just to stress that the events are overlapping and connected. But eventually Thanos needs to bring the battle to earth, perhaps one of the remaining infinity stones are brought there. Im picturing a large battle between the fleets of the galactic council against that of thanos and his forces in an attempt to prevent them from reaching the earth’s surface with multiple galactic heroes and avengers fighting. But ultimately some forces get though perhaps through the use of the Tesseract perhaps landing at different areas on the globe such as Melbourne, Moscow, Mumbai, Havana and so on.  Once on earth this is where the black order would battle heroes like captain America, hulk, hawkeye and lesser known avengers recruits like smasher, starband, nightmask and manifold battle Thanos’s armies. The avengers would slowly gain the advantage but that’s when Thanos show’s up. After this anything could happen and most likely loads of heroes would die, and it is difficult to come up with a satisfying way to defeat him.


what would you like to see happen once thanos gets a hold of one of the gems? leave a comment down below and let me know.
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