James Gunn: Guardians of The Galaxy Poster Preview!

James Gunn: Guardians of The Galaxy Poster Preview!

James Gunn has released a poster by Orlando Arocena for Guardians of The Galaxy.
With more to come tomorrow. Check it out!

Earlier James Gunn posted an awesome Fan-Made poster in the style of Star Wars for his upcoming film, Guardians of The Galaxy.
Now he has released another one, although no more information was given as to wether it is official, he did state that it is one of more to be released tomorrow..

The posters are made by a group of talented artists/fans that go by the name of PosterPosse.
This is only part of phase1, phase2 will be released tomorrow.


James Gunn:

Preview  of one of the Poster Posse's Phase2 poster-run , which will go online tomorrow. 

This tremendous piece is by Orlando Arocena.

Artist: Orlando Arocena

Artist: Matt Needle

Artist: Juan Martinez

Artist: Florey

Artist: Brian Taylor

Artist: Chad Woodward

Check out PosterPosse on Twitter:


Guardians of the Galaxy is scheduled for an August 1st, 2014 release date.

It stars, Chris Pratt (Star-lord), Zoe Saldana, (Gamora), Dave Batista, (Drax: The Destroyer), and Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket and Vin Diesel as the voice of Groot.

Directed by; James Gunn

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