James Gunn Is Over Half Way Through Filming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

James Gunn Is Over Half Way Through Filming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

According to the guys at Comicbook.com, James Gunn's hard work has Marvel's sci fi epic over half of the way to ending principal photography. Read on for more details..

We all know the cast and crew has been hard at work on Guardians Of The Galaxy, the new sci fi epic from Marvel Studios. What we don't know however, is how much work has actually been done on the film. According to comicbook.com, James Gunn has has finished over "half" of the film!

Here is an excerpt from thier article:

"On Monday, September 2, 2013, Gunn shared another update on the filming status of Guardians Of The Galaxy. When asked how much of the movie he had already shot, James Gunn replied, “A little over half.”"

So there you have it. We all know that CGI had been prepped for months prior to filming (which is why we got so much Rocket and Groot fottage at comic-con), but to know that they are over halfway through filming gives promise that we may see a trailer as early as the end of the year!

Speaking of Gunn, here's an update from filming yesterday he posted on his twitter account

And according to Chris Pratt today, the film is even closer:

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