Kevin Feige On The Chances Of An AVENGERS/GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Movie And More

Kevin Feige On The Chances Of An AVENGERS/GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Movie And More

Marvel have just announced a slate of release dates right up until 2019; could an Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover be among them? After the jump, you'll find some teasing comments about exactly that from Kevin Feige as well as more dismissals of any inter-studio deals...

In an interview with IGN, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was asked whether the literal expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they head into outer space next month with Guardians of the Galaxy means we'll see an epic team-up between that group and Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Many fans are convinced that the third Avengers movie which feature the Guardians as they come together to take on Thanos, but Feige remained coy. "I don’t know. Part of the fun of the comics is that could happen. Any character could interact with any other character because they inhabit the same time period and the same universe. And certainly it is the inclusion of Thanos most specifically that is a declaration to audiences who are paying attention that this is connected to those other universes. Part of the fun is that it could happen someday. I don’t know when that would be. Or maybe I know and I’m not going to tell you!"

There has been a lot of speculation that we'll see the Hulk team with the Guardians for some sort of loose adaptation of Planet Hulk before this happens of course, so there could be a good reason why Feige is being careful with his words here (not to mention the fact that Marvel ARE incredibly secretive). We'll likely hear more at next week's San Diego Comic-Con, especially as the studio now have a total of six unrevealed titles. One team-up which won't be happening anytime soon of course is Marvel and Fox or Marvel and Sony, something which the producer was quick to reiterate.

"My answer to that question has always been the same, which is when I started at Marvel 14 years ago the notion of us becoming our own studio, becoming more successful than other studios doing this, and bringing The Avengers to the screen, would have seemed like the pipe dream of all pipe dreams. And because we are sitting here talking because this has all happened, I’m not going to rule out anything. It has been unbelievable – the Marvel experience for me in particular over the years, so anything’s possible. But I would say for the immediate future, Fox is very busy building their X-Men universe and redoing the Fantastic Four universe. Sony is well underway with their Spider-Man plans. And we clearly have a long-term vision for the cinematic universe. And thankfully have so many characters and so many possibilities that we don’t find ourselves in a position going ‘Will we ever get these other characters in here because we don’t know what to do.’ There’s lots to do. "

No real surprises there then, and the only way we're ever going to see Captain America and Wolverine or Iron Man and Spider-Man (to name just two examples) together on the big screen is if Disney and Marvel Studios somehow regain the rights. That is something which may never happen, but Kevin Feige seems more than happy with the characters they do own right now!
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