MARVEL STUDIOS: Catching Up With Original Thanos Actor Damion Poitier

MARVEL STUDIOS: Catching Up With Original Thanos Actor Damion Poitier

When we last spoke to Damion, the up-and-coming actor hoped he would play the Mad Titan in more Marvel Cinematic Universe adventures but it looks as if that's not to be. However, Damion has a lot more projects in development, including possibly portraying a different Marvel character.

Speaking to at SDCC 2014, actor Damion Poitier (who played Thanos in Joss Whedon's Avengers) gave his full support to Josh Brolin, who looks set to play the Mad Titan in his inevitable Avengers 3 showdown with Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and the rest of the team. Said Damion on his initial discussions with Marvel about continuing in the role, " Initially, they just hired me as a facial figure. In terms of moving forward, I knew that was a question of what happened in between I got it and the next time they would need it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the exposure we wanted in the interim, but it’s all good. We got good exposure from that scene and we’ll keep moving from there."

So does Damion feel any resentment towards Marvel after they turned to Brolin to officially play the role and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn had his brother mo-cap Thanos on the Guardians set? "[Brolin's] going to kill it," said Damion. He continued, "They make smart choices over at Marvel. That’s one of the things that they do. They are always making intelligent choices on who they choose to do their roles."

But Damion is a longtime member of the Joss Whedon inner circle (having worked on Firefly, Dollhouse and Angel) so naturally he's not going to get left hanging by his boy. Since Poitier was pretty much unrecognizable in his Thanos portrayal, his camp and Marvel are discussing what other characters he could potentially play in the MCU. However, Poitier is wisely keeping those particulars under wraps. "Well, I’m talking to [Marvel] about [playing another character]. I don’t want to talk about that until such a time is permitted."

And if you recall from our 2012 interview with Damion, he's a life-long comic book fan with a massive collection. With that in mind, he has some pretty interesting choices for what other Marvel characters he'd like to see on the big screen following the box office success of Guardians of the Galaxy. " I have always been a big Nova fan. I like Night Thrasher. I’m also a Darkhawk fan. There are a lot of indie characters that are floating around at Marvel that have really interesting back-stories I would like to see come out. Now that they are going into television series like Netflix, there’s a good chance we might see some of these characters, so I’m excited about the whole thing."

Damion has been keeping busy since his Avengers appearance, guest spotting on Justified, Real Husbands of Hollywood, and starring in the web series Geek Cred; as well as doing mo-cap and voice-over work for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Lost Planet 3.   Hopefully, he can continue to get more and more exposure from his work and we'll actually get to see Damion's face in his next Marvel outing.

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