Micro-News: ARROW Star Stephen Amell Wants To Be A Villain And A Special GOTG Set Visit

Micro-News: ARROW Star Stephen Amell Wants To Be A Villain And A Special GOTG Set Visit

Why did the original cast from Kick-Ass return for the sequel when the option in their contracts had expired? Arrow's Stephen Amell wants to play a villain, one that people wear on t-shirts. James Gunn brings the "fathers of modern Guardians of the Galaxy" to the set.

Empire caught up with some of the cast of Kick-Ass 2 at San Diego Comic-Con. Lead star Aaron Taylor-Johnson talks about why the original cast returned even though the option in their contracts for a sequel had expired. "Jeff wrote a fantastic script...I read something that was really funny but more importantly, it had a journey and the characters had a real arc, it's complex, emotional and I think we all responded to it in a great way," said Johnson. Creators Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. discuss creating the series which led to a funny anecdote from JRJr about the level of violence in the comic book. Said the legendary comic book artist, "When we first started, I wasn't sure how to handle the excess violence after doing all the years of normal comics. [Mark] said 'Don't worry. Just be free, it's liberating.' Then at some point during the second series, he contacted me and said 'You have to come back a little bit, throw a sheet over that lady, calm down.'"

All too often, you hear and read stories about comic book creators receiving the shaft from studios making films based on their creations so it's always nice to learn about nice gestures such as the one below. James Gunn brought DnA (Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning) onto the Guardians of the Galaxy set to watch a bit of filming. A small, but nice gesture.

Arrow star Stephen Amell apparently is very keen on playing a villain at some point in his career. "I would like to play a [movie] villain that people know," said Amell. "The villain that people wear on t-shirts." Lots of pop culture characters to choose from but is it possible that Amell has a comic book villain in mind? Amell goes on to say that he hopes Arrow goes on for a long time and that he hopes the show "spawns other things." Hopefully one of those things is the Flash television show that's currently being planned.

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