POLL: Who Do You Think Should Be GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY's 'Drax'?

POLL: Who Do You Think Should Be GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY's 'Drax'?

Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista are battling it out to be the next star in a Marvel franchise. However, there are plenty of factors that give each team equal advantages and disadvantages, but who will come out as 'Drax The Destroyer'? Cast your vote...

As earlier revealed by Latino-Review, Jason Momoa was Marvel's favorite to play 'Drax The Destroyer' after impressing during screentests. Now, his crazy demands to Marvel have seemingly made them think twice after "half" are now rooting for former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista (which we revealed exclusively to be in the early runnings) to get the Guardians Of The Galaxy role. Both men have been campaigning for a little over a week, with many people talking up Momoa's Game Of Thrones work, while Dave returned to Social Media to show off his stuff.

Jason Momoa is an impressive actor on the HBO series, Game Of Thrones, which has quite the huge audience (which director James Gunn is a part of). However, many people had criticized his performances in Conan and the recent Bullet To The Head. Jason's army are working hard to remind people of his great work on the HBO phenomenon, but will it be enough to get the fans to back him for the role?

A former WWE Superstar with a huge build sounds perfect for 'Drax', however many people are wary of his acting abilities. However, for quite some time Bautista was the next-biggest thing in the WWE (only second to John Cena) and had drawn quite the amount of PPV/WrestleMania buys, and he took his army of fans with him to help with support for Riddick (who was 'coincidentally' in a new still) and The Man With The Iron Fists. Will Marvel be convinced of Dave's big draw?

Both men really want this role. It seems like we'll hear something official in the coming weeks, and one of these goliaths will come out with the special green skin. Who do you think should become 'Drax', and why? Please express your own personal opinions in the poll AND the comments section!

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