Ronan the Accuser in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY?

Ronan the Accuser in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY?

I tell you why he may not be as "Kree" as you think if he does shows up in GOTG or any other future films.

Last week a rumor surfaced that Lee Pace who's been cast as the main villian in the upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy movie, would be playing Ronan the Accuser. Many instantly thought that it would be the mainstream 616 version, due to the character's links with the likes of the Kree, Skulls and other cosmic beings and entities.

However if Ronan does show up, the version that is used might in fact be the one from Ultimate(1610) universe. This incarnation is highly similar to the 616 counterpart, he still holds the title of Accuser, wields a cosmic hammer and serves to cease rebellions and disturbances. The difference between the two is that this version is not affiliated with Kree empire but instead the Endless Resurgence/Acheron Empire but most importantly he is in fact the son of the Mad Titan, Thanos.

This version of Thanos, is the ruler of Endless Resurgence/Acheron Empire which consists of many worlds on "another plane of existence" and seeks to possess the Cosmic Cube, whilst Ronan serves as one of his top agents along with his brother Gallowglass. Additionally this Ronan also has a sister, Atrea, who does not agree with her father and fellow siblings.

So what do you think?, if Ronan is used in Guardians of The Galaxy or any future films do you think it will be this incarnation(ultimate), where he's the son of Thanos, the mainstream 616 version where he's Kree, a combination of the two or something else entirely. Furthermore could Ronan, Gallowglass and Atrea be the villians in the The Avengers 2?

Share your thoughts in the comment section and thanks for reading.
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