SPECULATION: Who is Peter Quill's Father?

SPECULATION: Who is Peter Quill's Father?

There's a lot of red herrings, misdirections, and sources to draw from when it comes to the origins of Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) and while I have no clue where they will take the story of his Father in the MCU, I am also going with a very unique (but hopefully sound) theory.

So like many of you, I left Guardians of the Galaxy wondering where they were going to take the story of Peter Quill's father. If you think that Marvel and Kevin Feige would do a straight adaption of J'Son from the comics, that could be a bit difficult. Main reason being, that the story of Star Lord's origins has been retconned and redone almost way too many times to count.

In all variations, Meredity inevitably dies, J'Son is usually involved. In some caes he's an outcast Inhuman, in other stories he's Spartoi.

Firstly, the whole story of Star-Lord squirming his way into some glactic mantle has been (seemingly) left behind. They have gone with him describing himself as Star-Lord, and this already throws out a long of history of continuity introduced by Steves Englehart.

So we can assume that the dead beat (step) father croaking over is out, the aliens killing Meredith is definitely out. This leaves us at square one.

But what if J'Son isn't his Father, but rather it's Adam Warlock?

The evidence to support Adam is pretty supportive of my theory. I mean, we have an 'angelic being of light'. While that could refer to the beam of light that transports the Ravagers to the surface (more on that later). I think that also could refer to the bright complexion of Adam Warlock; Meredith leaves this open to interpretation, and her dying before she can fully explain things is very convenient.

That said, while Warlock is a cosmic being, he also has origins on Earth. Being created as the perfect human being by the Enclave, he eventually escapes and roams Earth for a bit, eventually finding and trying to mate with Lady Sif. This is due to his limiated life experience, and this is a very awkward moment for him. Now after that you get into Counter-Earth and him being a champion; with him eventually being named Adam, but we'll ignore that (as Marvel studios occasionally does). I think all of that can, could, and will be condensed (if it's adapted)

My theory is that Adam escapes the Enclave, and roams around Earth, eventually encountering Meredith. Again, he has no life experience, so a lot of things would be new to him, and similar to his origins in the comics, he could try to awkwardly mate with Meredith instead of Lady Sif, and thus Peter is born. Even going as far as to get his name, 'Adam', from Meredith rather then four Counter-Earth teens.

Told you, Counter-Earth is unneccesary.

We could involve Magus, and certainly that could be an interesting point for the future, where Magus and the Universal Church of Truth put out the bounty on Quill, not J'Son as is most peoples gut reaction. That's certainly a very realistic and exciting possibility for the future. It also adds a very interesting angle to the inevitable adaption of The Infinity Gauntlet.

Contrary to some editorials on this site and this Film School Rejects article, I argue that the first film is a very good movie, and there's a lot to look forward with the storyline of Quill's Father in the sequel. If you liked this article, I encourage you to give it a 'Thumbs Up' you

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