UPDATE:The 'Guardians' Team Up With 'Yondu' In New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Clip

<span style="color: #FF0000">UPDATE:</span>The 'Guardians' Team Up With 'Yondu' In New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Clip

Ever since Marvel released Guardians of The Galaxy to large success last year, the team of misfits have been becoming much more prevalent in other media. Click the jump to see a brand-new clip of the team's upcoming animated series, which will air on DisneyXD!

UPDATE: The tweet is mentioning that the clip itself will air this Saturday, as part of Guardians of The Galaxy sneak peek. 


Marvel comics released Guardians of The Galaxy last year to surprisingly large sucess, and ever since then, the Guardians have been enjoying their time in the spotlight. They became much more prevalent in the comics (something that will continue into Marvel's All-New All-Different relaunch), there is more Guardians merchandise than anyone ever thought they would see in-stores, and now, the titular band of misfits are getting the animated treatment over on DisneyXD.

The upcoming series, which follows the sci-fi adventures of Star-LordGamoraDraxRocket Raccoon, and Groot, has got plenty of fans excited (even those who hate Avengers AssembleUltimate Spider-Man and Hulk And The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. are cautiously optimistic). Following a number of two minute clips that Marvel Entertainment released, highlighting the origins of the various members of the group, they have now released a one minute (well, 0:51 minutes to be precise) clip showing the team all fighting together - alongside Yondu

The trailer really doesn't dwell on the fact that Yondu is teamed up with the Guardians in this clip, and there is sure to be an explanation, but it still is odd to see, as the show seems to be taking its inspiration largely from the MCU version of the team. But moving beyond that, the animation looks like a high quality production, the audio sounds great, and the voice acting seems flawless, so fans sure do have a reason to be excited for the upcoming series.

What is odd about this new clip, however, is that this tweet may have not been meant to go up as of yet, as it indicates the series airs this coming Saturday at 9PM ET, but the series is due to premiere until September 26.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for the new Guardians of The Galaxy animated series? Will you be tuning in when it releases on DisneyXD, or are you giving this one a miss? Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to share and hit that thumbs up!

Guardians of The Galaxy premieres its first two episodes back-to-back on September 26, on DisneyXD.

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