GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 Star Dave Bautista Opens Up On James Gunn Being Rehired By Disney

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 Star Dave Bautista Opens Up On James Gunn Being Rehired By Disney

In a new interview, Dave Bautista talks about James Gunn's return to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and admits that a different outcome would have seen him ask to be released from his contract...

When James Gunn was fired by Disney due to some controversial decade-old Tweets, Dave Bautista didn't shy away from taking aim at the studio for their decision and threatened to quit Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 altogether. Since then, the filmmaker has been rehired and will start work on the Marvel Studios movie once he's finished with The Suicide Squad

During a recent interview, Bautista - who returns to WWE on Sunday for WrestleMania - explained why he stuck by Gunn through the entire thing and wasn't shy about making his feelings clear.

"I just spoke my mind and was honest about the way I felt about it," he says. "I thought he was given a raw deal. I thought it was a bad call, bad decision. I wanted to bring it home. These guys are like family to me and I wanted to be involved in the third one. I wanted to use James’ script because it’s a beautiful script. Moving forward without James was a real personal issue with me."
Bautista went on to reveal that had things not worked themselves out between Gunn and Disney, he would have looked to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the role of Drax behind him.
"I am contractually obligated [to do the third movie], but I think that Marvel and Disney -- if I had really stood my ground and said, ‘I don’t want to do this without James’ -- I think that they are decent enough that they would’ve let me out of my contract."

Thankfully, that didn't end up happening, and it's thought that Bautista will appear in both The Suicide Squad and Vol. 3

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