Mysterious "Hancock Monster" Unmasked by CBM Readers!

Thanks to one of our awesome readers, the mysterious monster sighted in the Hancock movie has now been exposed for what it is. Was it a giant robot? Bigfoot? Some freaky dude on stilts? None of the speculation made complete sense until NOW! Read on to see what the hell it was...

Did you see it?!! Did you see the... the... that "THING" in the Hancock movie? That is what hundreds of reader's emails were asking us after they went to see Hancock. And since we noticed it too, we did a little article on it HERE. At first it was thought to be some sort of giant robot or Transformer. We took a survey, and most of you said it was one of those crazy L.A. panhandler's on stilts.

Then another CBM reader sent in the exact scene from the movie, and under scrutiny it became even more of a mystery. (See the footage HERE) Now the monster looked like the Swamp Thing or Bigfoot more than anything else. We didn't know WHAT the heck it was. Yet there was no denying an 8 foot hairy-looking monster strolling across the street. On a lark, we reported it was Bigfoot (See 2nd story HERE) and thought the odd story was over. But no.

Now, a loyal reader and comic book movie fan has cleared up the remaining mystery about what we saw, and provided picture proof. We can all thank Jessica for clearing this strange story up for us...

"This is actually a crazy story. i am from pennsylvania but visited hollywood back in february. while walking down hollywood bldv., my friends and i saw a guy on stilts with a costume that was covered in seaweed. of course we had to take our picture with him so we flipped him five bucks. as we were walking away he told us to check him out in a movie that would be in theaters in the summer. not believing him, we forgot the name of the movie and never thought about it again. well, last night my friends saw the movie 'hancock' and said that they saw the guy on stilts run across the street in the background. i was intrigued so i got online and found the clip. yep, that's him! i can't find his name anywhere and the only picture i have is the one i took in february."

You're awesome Jessica! Thanks!
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