Chris Hemsworth Responds To Dolph Lundgren's Suggestion That He Play 'He-Man'

Chris Hemsworth Responds To Dolph Lundgren's Suggestion That He Play 'He-Man'

Many fans have said he would be right for the role, and even the star of 1987's Masters of the Universe Dolph Lundgren has given Chris Hemsworth his approval to play 'He-Man' in John Chu's remake. So, is The Avengers star interested? Find out here!

Back in August, original 'He-Man' Dolph Lundgren revealed that either Channing Tatum or Chris Hemsworth would be his top choice to play the iconic character in Jon M. Chu's reboot of Masters of the Universe. Hemsworth in particular is frequently suggested for the role by fans, but is he actually interested? Well, talking to Empire Magazine recently, the Australian star of Thor: The Dark World revealed that 'He-Man' is a little too similar to the God of Thunder for his liking and also commented on whether he would be interested in playing a villain at some point in the near future. Check out the excerpt below and be sure to pick up the issue (on sale this Wednesday) for more.

Thor did have a similar sense of fun to those kinds of movies. It was like Masters of the Universe, but done well!

[Laughs] I'll have to go back and watch that. They're redoing that, aren't they?

They are. Dolph Lundgren -

Said something about me?

He did, he did. Dolph Lundgren gave his stamp of approval for your playing He-Man.

I can't play He-Man, it's pretty much Thor, isn't it?

Exactly! Are you worried about that sort of thing? "Oh yeah, he's Thor so he'll be good for He-Man." Does this mean you can never play a villain or a reprehensible person?

Yeah, I'd probably have to make more of an effort to get that kind of role.

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