He-Man Movie Update

<i>He-Man</i> Movie Update

Sony Vice President DeVon Franklin reveals that plans for a Masters Of The Universe movie are still very much on, and says they should have the script "very soon"..

This one has been on again off again more times than I can count, but there hasn't been any word it since a last April when we heard Alex Litvak and Michael Finch were brought on to pen the script. Now, while talking to Crosswalk.com Sony vice pres DeVon Franlin offers the following update..

"One of other things I'm really excited about is we're doing a reboot of the 1980s franchise Masters of the Universe. The He-Man franchise. Very excited about that. Should have that script very soon. I'm praying that we can start figuring out how we're going to make it."

Of course, we have seen He-Man on the big screen before when Dolph Lundgren brought him to "life" in the ridiculous 80's flick. The last we heard, the direction that this movie was going to take saw the concept "re-worked" and was going to be about a soldier named Adam that stumbles into (Narnia style i would assume) the magical world of Eternia were the evil Skeletor is trying to eradicate all magic. Now I have no idea if that will still be the premise now that new screen writers have been brought on. I certainly hope not anyway.

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