HELLBOY Concept Artist Unveils Horrifying Interpretations Of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Characters

HELLBOY Concept Artist Unveils Horrifying Interpretations Of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Characters

HELLBOY Concept Artist Unveils Horrifying Interpretations Of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Characters

Though it seems highly unlikely that these will actually influence the upcoming live-action movie, Hellboy concept artist Paul Gerrard has shared some terrifying takes on the Master of The Universe...

Aside from a couple of blurry concept art shots we still don't really know what to expect from David Goyer's upcoming Masters of The Universe movie, but if he and Sony Pictures wanted to take things down the horror route, they could so a lot worse than using the following character designs as a guideline.

Most of the Master of The Universe villains (and heroes, for that matter) are fairly monstrous-looking at the best of times, but in the hands of Hellboy reboot conceptual designer Paul Gerrard, the likes of Skeletor, Trap-Jaw and Buzz-Off take on truly terrifying new life.

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Though a couple of He-Man's allies do appear, these images mostly depict the bad guys, and we kick things of with the protector of Eternia's arch nemesis, the delightfully evil Skeletor.

King Hiss

We're not certain which one of the villainous Snakemen this is supposed to be, but the fact that his reptilian visage is hidden behind a humanoid mask means it's most likely the leader, King Hiss.

Skeletor II

This second interpretation of Skeletor doesn't look a million miles away from the classic version of the character with his hood down.


The Horde's Modulok is capable of altering his appearance into a variety of twisted forms, but the "evil beast of a thousand bodies" has never looked quite as hideous as he does here.


Though a lot more gruesome, we think this incarnation of Man-E-faces actually looks better than the classic dome-headed take on the cursed, but noble warrior.


There's a definite Eva Green vibe to this take on Skeletor's powerful second-in-command, Evil-Lyn.

Trap Jaw

This terrifying interpretation of Trap Jaw seemingly draws influence from the mass-murdering cyborg that was originally introduced in the comic series, as opposed to the toned-down animated series version.


You certainly wouldn't think it to look at him here, but bee-man Buzz-Off is actually a heroic character and serves as He-Man's "spy in the sky."

Skeletor III

We finish up with another couple of incarnations of Skeletor. The first seems to be influenced by Conan creator Robert E. Howard's art, while the second re-imagines the iconic villain as a mummy.

Skeletor IV

What do you guys make of these designs? Would you like to see the upcoming live-action movie take influence from Gerrard's work, or do you think it'd be a bit much for the youngsters?
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