KICK ASS 2 Director Completes The Latest MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Script

KICK ASS 2 Director Completes The Latest MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Script

Despite the movie being stuck in the development phase lately, fans of the upcoming 'He-Man' adaptation may gather some heart from the news that the latest script is now complete. The man behind it? Kick-Ass 2's very own Jeff Wadlow. Read on for more details...

Masters Of The Universe may be a familiar name to fans of the original cartoon series or comic-books from the 80's. However, barring a 2002 television relaunch, it's struggled to replicate the mainstream successes of fellow geek classics such as G.I. Joe or Transformers. That may all be about to change however, as Columbia Pictures look to develop a feature film adaptation of the action/fantasy property for a new generation of fans and movie-goers.

The project had gained some traction last year, when G.I. Joe: Retailiation director John Chu stepped into direct what would have been an "origin story" for the story's protagonist, He-Man. However, Chu has since dropped out of the now-vacant director's chair. Earlier today, Columbia Pictures Senior Vice President, DeVon Franklin, surprised everyone with news of a completed script for the latest draft - the front cover of which you can see below...

The script's author is a name that's likely familiar to you all. Last year, Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow turned heads when he was approached by Fox to develop a much-anticipated X-Force movie. News of Wadlow's involvement with 'He-Man' has been known since April, 2014 - although it was supposedly in a screen-writing capacity only.

However, the fact that he's perservered with the project, alongside his past experience as a director, would make him an obvious candidate to helm it himself. If so, how would that affect X-Force? The spin-off is rumoured to have 
already taken a back-seat to other 'X-Men' projects, including X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool and Gambit movies. Would Wadlow's commitment to Masters Of The Universe delay it even further?

What d'you guys think? Are you excited to see He-Man on the big screen, or are you sick and tired of watching Hollywood exploit your favorite 80's franchises! Or perhaps you'd rather see Wadlow make X-Force his priority? Let us know in the comments below!

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