HELLBOY Star David Harbour Describes Reboot As A "Monster Movie That's Dark And Scary"

HELLBOY Star David Harbour Describes Reboot As A "Monster Movie That's Dark And Scary"

Actor David Harbour, who stars as Hellboy in the upcoming reboot, explains the darker nature of the character attracted him to the role that he calls "the most physical" he's ever had to play.

There's plenty of intrigue and excitement surrounding the upcoming Hellboy reboot, starring David Harbour. Speaking to Variety, the actor shed some light on the highly anticipated film, referring to it as a "monster movie that's dark and scary."

Revealing what attracted him to the film, Harbour explained that he had read the Mike Mignola graphic novels when he was in his 20s, and likened superhero movies to the mythos of ancient Greece. "Superhero movies are the mythos of modern America," Harbour said. "The ancient Greeks had Agamemnon, Achilles, and Cressida, and we have Captain America, Iron Man, and Superman. They are mythos, so I wanted to be involved in that conversation."

What really attracted him to the role, however, was the darker nature Hellboy - a different take on the American superhero mythos we so often seen on the big screen these days.

“These movies have been of a certain brand. With ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Logan,’ they are trying to do different things. So we are trying to do our own brand of that," Harbour said, likening the reboot's scarier tone to Greek tragedian Euripedes' darker take on Electra.

He added, “I was really excited by that concept — to make a real monster movie that’s dark and scary and about the end of the world.”

Check out Harbour's full comments on his role in Hellboy, including the challenges that come with assuming the signature superhero in the video below.

Hellboy is set for release on January 11, 2019
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