More From Guillermo Del Toro On Hellboy 3!

More From Guillermo Del Toro On <i>Hellboy 3</i>!

The director talks about whether he'd use his ideas for Hellboy 3 in any other format other than live action and says he'll reveal the story but only if you force it out of him...

"Mike Mignola had a very wise position," Del Toro told MTV News. "He said, 'Look, we have the animated universe, we have the comic book universe, and we have the movie universe, and we have managed to keep them all separate. The rules that we have created don't mix. To bring the movie Hellboy into comics is to confuse the mythology. I would like that to stay in the movies."

"I can't agree or disagree with the creator," he laughed. "He's the creator."

"What I promise is, if you corral me at any signing and you say, 'Tell me the story of Hellboy 3!' I'll tell it to you in two minutes. But I think I can look forward to being 85 and being a campfire storyteller and saying, 'And then Hellboy...'"

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