Amazing Behind The Scenes Images From Stephen King's IT Show A Very Different Side Of Pennywise

Amazing Behind The Scenes Images From Stephen King's IT Show A Very Different Side Of Pennywise

Amazing Behind The Scenes Images From Stephen King's IT Show A Very Different Side Of Pennywise

With IT now available on DVD and Blu-ray, Warner Bros. has released a terrifying batch of new behind the scenes images which shine a very different light on Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise the Clown...

IT was an unexpected critical and commercial hit last year and while it looked good in the trailers, Stephen King adaptations have so often been disappointing that it was hard to imagine it being anything special (just look what happened to The Dark Tower). A sequel is currently in the works which will adapt the second half of Stephen King's lengthy novel but it seems to still be in the early stages. 

In the meantime, the movie has just hit DVD and Blu-ray and Warner Bros. has now unleashed some seriously messed up never before seen behind the scenes images from this amazing release. 

As you can see by clicking on the buttons below, these provide a bloody and fascinating look at Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise the Clown as we're shown a number of key moments from the movie in a new light (one which will probably give you nightmares if we're being honest). Are you guys excited for the follow-up? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on that - and these images - in the usual place.

Well, this is going to give you nightmares tonight! This bloody shot of Pennywise is absolutely horrifying and with the sequel already in the works, you'd best believe this will get even more horrific. 

Bill Skarsgard really embraced the role of Pennywise for IT and that's apparent from the fact he's completely unrecognisable in the role, something which isn't solely down to the amazing effects.

One of the most iconic shots from IT, this photo offers an intriguing glimpse behind the scenes as Pennywise taunts the movie's children by offering them one of his balloons. Don't say yes!

Another great shot of the classic villain, this provides a great look at Pennywise's eyes. They're arguably one of the most disconcerting/creepy things about the character in the movie. 

Another seriously gross shot, Pennywise chowing down on an arm is something we're unlikely to forget for a while and it will be interesting if any other limbs take his fancy next time around.

Need a break from Pennywise? Well, here's a behind the scenes shot of poor old George moments before he ends up being dismembered by the demonic entity beneath Derry's streets. 

This monstrous shot shows Pennywise confronting the kids in that dilapidated house in Derry as his teeth grow from his mouth. Those should come into play when we see his true form in the sequel...

As a director, it can't be easy standing there talking to Bill Skarsgard when he looks like THAT! Regardless, it's no wonder the kids were scared of the actor both in front and behind the camera.

A shadowy image of Pennywise, he somehow looks even more frightening when his face is obscured in shadow. Look closely, though, and you can see he's clearly ready to strike, teeth and all. 

What would you do if Pennywise took one of your friends hostage? The demonic clown tried to strike a bargain at this point in the movie but we'll say no more in case you haven't seen it yet!

What a freaky sight this is! For those of you who are fans of Funko's Pop figures, this version of Pennywise is available to buy but he's not an easy one to track down as most have now sold out.

Wondered how the actor managed to climb out of that fridge? Well, while there was some CGI trickery, you can see here that wires were used so he could physically step out in such a freaky way.

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