Bill Murray in GHOSTBUSTERS Fatigues, Script Finally Approved!

Bill Murray in GHOSTBUSTERS Fatigues, Script Finally Approved!

To accept the award for “Best Horror Movie” at the 2010 Scream Awards, Bill Murray appeared in a full Ghostbusters outfit!

The Spike TV 2010 SCREAM Awards (airing Oct. 16th) have really turned the corner as being one of the must watch award shows of the year. They are focusing on genre films of the past and present; and that recipe has us excited. This year the roof was blown off the Greek Theater in Los Angeles when Bill Murray accepted the award on behalf of the best horror movie, ZOMBIELAND.

Coming out in full Peter Venkman GHOSTBUSTERS fatigues to a standing ovation, Murray could not have excited the rumors of a third GHOSTBUSTERS movie any more. What a tease! Or is he? Not only do we get to see Murray back in a familiar costume, we are also getting confirmation from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment that the newly penned script completed by Dan Akroyd has been officially approved. A third film will happen and the wheels are finally in motion.

Those of you following this story will remember Murray's only beef with doing a third movie was a hang up about the script. With old pal Dan Akroyd coming in to save the day and re-writing the script completely, things would appear to be peachy in ghost-busing land.

What do you think about GHOSTBUSTERS finally getting a threequel? Is it good news or would you rather the GHOSTBUSTERS live on via the video shelves?

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