BRIGHTBURN Director Reveals An Amazing Easter Egg That Makes Rewatching The Movie A Must - EXCLUSIVE

BRIGHTBURN Director Reveals An Amazing Easter Egg That Makes Rewatching The Movie A Must - <font color=red>EXCLUSIVE</font>

With Brightburn now available on digital platforms, we caught up with director David Yarovesky to talk about the movie and he revealed an Easter Egg which will completely change how you view the movie...

Brightburn is an absolute blast, and delves into what it would be like for a child with Superman's abilities to lose control and use his powers in a lot of terrifying ways. It's a fascinating exploration of the nature vs. nurture debate and a fresh take on the genre. Now, with the movie available on digital platforms, we're sharing an excerpt from our interview with director David Yarovesky.

When I asked the filmmaker about how much thought he gave to nature and nurture in Brightburn, David revealed an amazing series of Easter Eggs throughout the movie which make rewatching it a must; according to the director, if you look closely at Brandon, you'll notice that his wardrobe choices are used to signify whether he's leaning more towards his human or alien sides in that moment.

"I think that's an essential theme of the movie and part of the storytelling in that we used colour to tell that story," he explains. "If you rewatch the movie and, we use his outfit to tell that story."

"His relation to colour blue in the movie represents his Earth life and red is his alien life. If you watch his costume, you can see where his allegiance lies at any moment based on the colouring. At the same time, the way we shot the movie and the way I framed shots and everything is constantly telling us whether his allegiance is for Earth or for his alien life."

Another Easter Egg that got fans talking was the inclusion of a photo of Super's Crimson Bolt in a news report at the end of the movie. When I asked if David and executive producer James Gunn (who directed Super) used that to tease a shared universe, the filmmaker chose his words carefully!

"[Laughs] Are we hinting at a shared universe? Well, I like to leave that sort of thing uncommented on so that people can discuss and debate and hopefully if we get the opportunity to make a sequel, I will twist up and surprise all of your expectations with the weird ideas in my head! [Laughs]"

Check back here later today for our full interview with David about his work on Brightburn
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