Bruce Campbell On Why The EVIL DEAD Reins Were Handed Over To Fede Alvarez

Bruce Campbell On Why The EVIL DEAD Reins Were Handed Over To Fede Alvarez

Many fans were disappointed when it was announced that Bruce Campbell wouldn't be appearing in the Evil Dead remake, and even more were pissed off that there was going to be a remake at all! In an interview with Total Film, the original 'Ash' explains the reasons..

There had been mutterings of Sam Raimi and co working on another Evil Dead movie for years, with both the director and actor Bruce Campbell - who played Ash in all three of Raimi's previous movies - sounding confident that something would happen eventually. But as time went by it seemed more and more unlikely that we would ever see a follow up to Army Of Darkness, and then talk turned to a reboot of the franchise - with Raimi and Campbell on board though surely? Well no, at least not in the capacity fans were expecting. A new director in Fede Alvarez was chosen, and Campbell revealed that he wouldn't be appearing in so much as a cameo - in fact teh character of Ash will not be a factor at all. So how and why did all of this come about? "The Chin" himself explains to Total Film..

“He [Alvarez] pitched a full-length story and we really liked it. He wrote a script and we kept liking it. It sort of grew on us like a wart.

“Plus, when you see the chances of making a sequel receding every year, like our hairlines, you realize maybe we should get a new punk in here with five new kids to torment.

“We can use our experience to help guide the filmmaker to come up with a new balls-out movie that will torment people for the rest of their lives. We think he did it!”

The latest poster for the movie certainly writes a big check that fans will be expecting to see cashed come Evil Dead's April 2013 release date, but the impressively gruesome trailer seemed to get many non-believers onside. Maybe it will be "the most terrifying film we will ever experience". We'll find out 12th April, 2013.

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