CHILD'S PLAY Special Announcement Teases A "Global Launch" Of Buddi This Friday

CHILD'S PLAY Special Announcement Teases A "Global Launch" Of Buddi This Friday

Get ready to meet your new best friend, Buddi. A special announcement from Kaslan Corp. promises a "global launch" of the advanced new toy, suggesting we could see a trailer for the upcoming remake.

A new teaser for Orion Pictures' upcoming Child's Play suggests we'll get our first official look at the upcoming horror remake this Friday, February 8.

The news comes via a special announcement from Henry Kaslan, founder of Kaslan Corporation, the film's fictitious tech company that bears a striking resemblance to real-life's Amazon. Kaslan Corporation is responsible for all sorts of revolutionary technology, but Henry Kaslan is ready to introduce the world to something incredibly special - Buddi.

"We set out to develop the greatest and most interactive toy on the market, but in doing so, we created something far more special," Kaslan says in the announcement. "Every child is important to us, and every child deserves a companion, a friend, that will never let you down. It’s my great honor to introduce you to our most innovative product to date. Buddi. He’s more than a toy, he’s your best friend.”

For those who haven't been keeping up with the Child's Play reboot news, Buddi is the 2019 version of the infamous Chucky Doll, featuring state of the art design, voice recognition, and wifi compatibility.

A viral website marketing this new, technologically-advanced toy launched late last year, offering some more details regarding its features. Buddi not only comes with a "highly intricate cloud-backed voice recognition engine," but it can also learn from human interaction as well as the environment it is in with 20 sensors and cameras. And yes, its compatible with your computer and smart device. It's not hard to imagine all of the ways in which these "features" can be used for harm.

In any case, the special announcement promises a global launch on Friday, February 8. It's unclear exactly what that means as Child's Play isn't set to hit theaters until June 21, 2019. If one had to guess, Friday will likely bring about a more official trailer (or extended teaser) or, at the very least, more details regarding Buddi.
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