CLOVERFIELD Writer Gives an Update on a Potential Sequel

CLOVERFIELD Writer Gives an Update on a Potential Sequel

Drew Goddard, one of the men behind the wildly popular monster flick Cloverfield, gives us an update on a potential sequel and the possibility of it being a "found footage" type film like the original.

Back in 2008, JJ Abrams, Matt Reeves and writer Drew Goddard made waves in Hollywood and theaters with their film Cloverfield, which gave movie goers a new, fresh take on the the monster/alien invasion film. Using the now popular "found footage" filming style, it offered viewers a chance to view an invasion of a giant creature through the eyes of first-hand witnesses. Aside from making numerous patrons sick, it started a small trend in the movie biz, with films like this year's hit Chronicle following suit.

Ever since then, a sequel has been discussed, but no real action has been taken by Paramount or the trio responsible for the first film. There were rumors at one time of a potential plot for the potential second film, which used the same style of filming, only following a different group of friends as the main focus. The tie-in to the first film would be a glimpse of the group of friends from the 2008 movie in a quick passing scene.

Bloody Disgusting recently talking with scribe Drew Goddard to see if he had any news on the sequel and here's what he had to say about whether it was ever going to happen:

I hope so. I mean, I’d like it to. Cloverfield was very much a dialogue between J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves and me. And you need those three parts. It’s just been hard because we’ve been busy. None of us wants to make a movie just for the sake of making a sequel. That’s just not interesting to us. I think we all have ideas of what we want to do, and they’re probably all different. But we need to sit down and get it together. I blame Star Trek.

Not surprisingly, it seems scheduling is playing a big part in pulling the project together. JJ Abrams is in the process of filming the Star Trek sequel, as well as producing numerous television and film projects. Director Matt Reeves was recently chosen to helm an updated version of The Twilight Zone, so it may be some time before this could happen.

As for that found-footage concept and whether or not it would be used again:

It’s a good question. I don’t know. If you’d asked me a year ago I would have said absolutely because I thought that was inherent to it. The thing about Cloverfield that was exciting was that it felt different, and we’d need to find whatever that is. We’d make it feel fresh and new, and if you asked each of us how we were going to do it we’d each have a different answer.

I'll admit I was not the biggest fan of Cloverfield, I didn't hate it enough to not support a potential sequel. As I mentioned earlier, it provided a new, fresh take on a film genre that seemed to be stuck in a rut for some time. Hopefully the trio can get together to get the project moving.
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